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Take your time to explore our website. We hope it will help spread the word, both to all those people who have experienced the delights of The Gambia and to those who wish to help in any way to improve the educational opportunities for those currently excluded. We are keen to hear from you with further ideas or requests for information. Our contact page gives you our email, telephone number and postal address. Any information you send to us is subject to our privacy policy. We do not use cookies on this website.


The Gambia is a small narrow country in West Africa, along both sides of the Gambia river. Although there is considerable tourist development on the coast near the capital Banjul, most of the country is relatively poor and under developed. The costs of food, travel, books, extra classes and materials are too much for many parents, even when their children are attending schools where there is no actual school fee. Education is seen as the way out of the poverty trap. For many years, tourists have been encouraged to provide help to schools near to the tourist areas, but most up-country schools get little help. Pageant was started by Ian and Pippa Howard in 2002 to provide assistance to these schools. Pageant is a registered UK Charity (Charity No. 1093963). The trustees are Ian Howard, Tina Boswell and Andrew Groves.

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