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Blogs are a great way of communicating informally. They are easy to use, and at the moment free! Almost everyone has a blog nowadays. Pageant wasn't going to be left behind, so the Pageant News Blog was launched in August 2006. For a while, the blog tended to echo news items on this website, but in 2008 we greatly expanded the blog team to bring you news directly from The Gambia.
Live from The Gambia link to collected posts Chris Robertson's diary

In February 2008, Frances Boswell and her friends Sarah, Rosie and Lauren went to The Gambia, and spent most of their time teaching in two nursery schools and visiting many other schools which Pageant is associated with. Frances volunteered to keep us updated by making regular postings on the Blog, and managed this every evening whenever she could get Internet access. Chris Robertson joined them for a week and added some posts. We have collected all these posts into this web page.

Sarah, Rosie, Frances and Lauren


Sarah, Rosie, Frances and Lauren (above) and Chris (right)

Chris has subsequently written a diary of his trip. This is a large file in PDF format.
New team members in The Gambia Meet the new team members

We are very pleased to hear that many of our friends in The Gambia are avid readers of both the website and the blog. In a further expansion of the blog team, we have added five contributors in The Gambia. We hope they will be making regular posts of news relevant to Pageant and their local areas, so moving the focus of the blog to The Gambia. Meet the team here, and also keep checking the Pageant News Blog for their contributions.

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