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With no electricity many of our normal gadgets are useless. They need manual typewriters, sewing machines and even copiers - remember the Banda & Gestetener copying machines - if you can find them!

In October 2002, three schools, Bakalarr Basic Cycle School [MAP], Jarreng Basic Cycle School [MAP] and Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School [MAP], were each given a school microscope - partly sponsored by the Royal Microscopical Society. With no electricity, a small tilting mirror was provided to enable sunlight to illuminate the samples. All these schools are heavily oversubscribed – Sinchu Baliya has 3,125 pupils, with 12 classes of approximately 50 children in each Grade – and they all have to operate a two-shift system.

More equipment please!

  • A teacher at Sinchu Baliya pointed out that for each child of his school to look at something once through one microscope would take almost one year. Now they have one, they are sure they would like some more!

  • They would also like any other science equipment that could be used in their circumstances - possibly using solar power.

  • Benches or tables for the equipment.

  • Science text books

  • Links with schools / science clubs in the UK

Click here for a list of smaller items which Pageant can send to The Gambia, or you can take with you on a visit.

Pippa and others presenting a microscope and mirror to the head boy and girl at Bakalarr School

student using a microscope at a school which recieved one

microscope and mirror presented to the Head Boy
 and Head Girl of Bakalarr Basic Cycle School

microscope in use

The members of the EMUS SEM user group have agreed to sponsor prizes for the best drawings of things seen under the microscope - one prize per year group for each school.


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