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If you have any of the items in the list below, that are in good condition but that you no longer need, we would be happy to send them out to The Gambia, where they will be greatly appreciated.

If you are going to The Gambia, and you have room in your luggage, you might like to take some of the smaller items with you. We can arrange to have the items picked up during your stay. If you have a lot of room, we would be very grateful if you could take some things for us.

  • Aprons - adult and children

  • Balls - football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc.

  • Dress-making scissors, thread, needles etc.

  • First aid boxes and materials

  • Football shirts, shorts and boots

  • Golf umbrellas (prized as sunshades by elderly gentlemen)

  • Mobile phones - used but working

  • Mobile phone chargers - UK 3-pin plugs are fine

  • Nursery school age toys and equipment

  • Nursery school age song books and tapes or CDs (not DVDs)

  • Pencils - coloured / 'ordinary' lead

  • Pencil cases

  • Pens - biros, felt tips, fibre tips etc.

  • School bags

  • School equipment - science, art, craft materials and instruments

  • Sewing machines - manual or electric

  • Simple and scientific calculators - preferably solar powered

  • Solar powered or wind-up radios and torches

  • Spectacles - prescription glasses for long or short sight are highly sought after

  • Sports equipment - from nursery to full size, nets, kit, kitbags

  • Tools and equipment - garden, workshop, carpentry, automotive, welding, etc.

  • Wall charts, display material, reading and reference books

  • Watches - can be serviced cheaply in The Gambia if necessary

  • White school shirts / blouses / polo shirts

Contact us for details, or for further advice on what to take.


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