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Gambia Tourist Support (GTS) was a small charity founded in 1997 by Francis Glynn, with the aim of creating employment and training opportunities for Gambian people. Francis died in 2011, the charity was wound up and its website no longer exists. However, a second associated charity, Gambia Education and Teaching Support (GETS), had been established in 2004. They have continued the work started by GTS, and have their own GETS website.

The Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive was started in 1996 to provide permanent access for researchers, historians and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format. The Wayback Machine is the means by which websites are collected and archived. It continuously checks for changes and the archive is arranged so that websites can be viewed as they were at any time during their lifetime. Currently 398 billion web pages have been archived, so almost everything that has been published online can be retrieved. This includes the GTS website, and its last full archive is here.

The Maps

GTS produced their own maps of The Gambia when they failed to find suitable detailed maps, and published the maps on their website. The Pageant website had links to these, but with the GTS website gone, the links no longer worked. We thought it a shame to lose the maps, so with the agreement of GETS we have placed copies of the maps on the Pageant website. The main links below take you to see our copies and the links marked WB take you to the archived GTS webpages. On all our copies you can click on the map to display a map image file and then zoom in for greater detail. Some maps had red 'hotspots' with links to further information. We have not copied these links, but you can still follow them on the archived pages.

Map Link WB Details
Atlantic Coast Hotels WB Hotels, lodges and places of interest in Bakau, Kololi & Serrekunda area
Atlantic Coast bars etc WB Restaurants, bars and places to visit in the above area.
Banjul Centre WB Central Banjul street plan
Western Gambia WB Places and road network in Western Gambia
Gambia from the air WB A flight over Western Gambia with links to aerial photos.
UK to Gambia from the air WB These 2 pages are'nt maps, so there are just archive links.
Main Roads & Places    
Atlantic Coast WB Atlantic Coast to Jurunku & Bintang
Western Gambia Inland WB Jurunku to Farafenni
Central Gambia WB Farafenni and Stone Circles
Georgetown Area WB Georgetown Area
Basse Upriver Area WB Basse and Upriver Area - the eastern end of The Gambia

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