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Navigating the Pageant website

This site currently has around 350 pages, and is growing continuously. It is our policy not to delete old pages, so they are available for reference. This means that the site can get difficult to navigate. However, nearly all of our pages can be accessed through our Sitemap Page , or you can use our Search Facility to find what you are looking for.

There are three main types of page, all accessible through the sitemap. There are also a number of 'housekeeping' pages, but you won't need to access these directly, so we haven't included these in the sitemap.

  • Structural and information pages - These are the backbone of the website, and are kept constantly up to date. The most important structural pages can be accessed through the Menu Bar across the top of every page, and the Float Down Menu on the right side. Many of the information pages can be accessed from the additional float down Menu+ on our Home Page.

  • Project pages - These cover specific projects, and will be kept up to date during the life of the project. They can all be accessed through our Projects Page, where we attempt to present a summary of everything Pageant does in a logical order.

  • Schools pages - Our website has pages dedicated specifically to some Gambian schools, which cover all the projects carried out at that school. There is an index of Gambian schools giving brief details of schools with links to these schools pages. There are also a number of UK schools which have raised money or otherwise helped Gambian schools. These also have there own school page, and there is an index of UK schools.

  • News pages - These cover news items which are of current interest when published, and won't generally be updated. They can all be accessed through our News Page. On this page, news items are presented with the latest at the top. Older items are regularly shifted onto a News Archive, but are never deleted.

Nearly every page has a Site Search box at the top right. This allows you to find  particular topics on the Pageant site. Click on search help for more information.

Technical Information

Browsers The Pageant website is designed to work with the main browsers; Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. I don't check pages with any other browser, but please let me know if you use something else, and it looks OK. I always use the latest version of these browsers. Older pages which were checked with earlier versions of browsers may not have been rechecked with later versions. I rely on backward compatibility of the browsers, but please let me know if any page fails to work with any version of the four main browsers.

JavaScript is included with most modern browsers, and is required for many features of this site. We strongly recommend that you enable JavaScript, but the site will still work with reduced functionality if you don't.

Accessibility The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) publishes standards for HML coding and other guidelines, which will allow users with various disabilities to have full access to websites. Click on this link for further information. We try to ensure that our pages comply with W3C standards as closely as possible. When building new pages or updating old ones, we try to ensure compatibility with screen readers, and also make pages accessible for users who are unable to use a mouse. However, older pages may not get upgraded for some considerable time.

Please email me if you have any problems with this website, or suggestions for how it could be improved. contact webmaster Please use our contact page for making all other enquiries.

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