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Pageant Ethical Gifts - Did you know about Pageant's Ethical Gifts Scheme? [more details of our gift scheme] You can give our tokens for any celebration, providing help for schools, children and village communities in The Gambia.

Latest News

18 September 2017 - Cycling Croatia for Pageant In August 2017, Ben Johnstone and Fedor Stürken undertook a sponsored cycle ride along the Croatian coast. They rode from Split to Pula, a distance of about 450km, with only bikes and sleeping bags and raised over £1000 for Pageant. Ben & Fedor are ex-students of Christs Hospital school, which has strong links with Pageant. They raised most of sponsorship via a GoFundMe page which is still open for donations - so it's not too late for you to add a bit more!

Pageant has a number of projects in The Gambia where this money would make a tremendous difference. Ben and Fedor will soon be choosing which project (or projects) they would like to help, and it should be possible to get things started when a Pageant team visits The Gambia in November.

3 September 2017 - New school year in The Gambia - As here in the UK, September marks the start of a new school year in The Gambia. All the students Pageant helps have moved up a grade, and many have changed to new schools. Please have a look at our sponsorship page to see the students still looking for sponsorship. Maybe you can help.

3 August 2017 - Pageant website is mobile friendly Mobile phones have now overtaken desktops and laptops as the main means of accessing the internet. We have a programme of converting all our main website pages to 'responsive' format - so that they can be accessed with equal ease no matter what the screen size of the device. At present 139 out of a total of 376 pages are in responsive format. This may seem to be a small proportion, but most of the unconverted pages are archives which are seldom accessed. Looking at pages viewed this year so far, 84% of these views were to responsive pages. Despite this most of our users are using large screen devices. Only about a quarter access our website from smartphones. See full details

11 July 2017 - Battle Rotary Club supports Pageant's work - David Daniels CBE, President of the Rotary Club of Battle, presented Pippa and Andrew with a cheque for £500 at Pageant's annual members' summer party. See photo & more details

Recent News

9 June 2017 - Centre Academy East Anglia - CAEA in Suffolk, which specialises in the education of pupils with a broad range of learning challenges, has raised more than £1300 for Pageant (see more on their new Pageant page) This has been used to fund the refurbishment of classrooms at Unity Nursery in The Gambia.

8 April 2017 - Carol visits Humanity Nursery - Pageant member Carol Peckham (Grace) has been to The Gambia and visited Humanity Nursery. She handed over £500 which had been donated by the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust from the proceeds of their staff pantomime. She saw the improvements Faks is making after the school moved to its new site, as well as the Chicken House Project at the old site. See more details

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