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Latest News

27 May 2020 - Online Donations Update - Pageant has continued to review information emerging about the Wonderful Organisation. We are now fairly certain that their online donation service will be closed for an extended period and may never reopen. From now on all our online donations will be handled by Virgin Money Giving, who provide an excellent service to Pageant and to our fundraisers.

14 May 2020 - Online Donations - Until recently Pageant's main provider for online donations has been the Wonderful Organisation. However, their website has been unavailable since the end of March while they do a major rebuild. All donations to Pageant are now being processed by Virgin Money Giving. We apologise to anyone who tried to make a donation through the Wonderful Organisation over the last few weeks. Unfortunately we were not given advance notice that their website would be closed, so we were unable to make a seamless transfer to Virgin Money Giving. when it happened.

Recent News

7 March 2020 - Progress Towards Mobile Friendly - From 2015 to 2018 we undertook a programme of converting all our main web pages to a responsive format, so that they could be viewed equally well on large screen desktops and on small screen smartphones. We thought we had done enough to increase access from mobile devices, but this has remained at a fairly constant 30%. Further analysis indicates that the large number of unconverted 'archive' pages could be an issue with the Google search engine. So we may need to extend the conversion process until the entire website is responsive. Read more about it on this news page.

1 March 2020 - Pageant's February visit blog posts - Pippa, Kathy, Andrew and Joe are now all back in the UK after their February trip to The Gambia. The last Blog Post has been made and you can see all the posts in one place on this summary web page.

29 February 2020 - Christ's Hospital Steeplechase - Christ's Hospital (CH), an independent school near Horsham, has an annual inter-house cross country run known as the 'Steeplechase'. This year it takes place on 12 March. They have introduced sponsorship of the house teams for the first time. Peele B House have helped Pageant with fundraising in many ways for many years, so they have chosen to raise money for Pageant in this year's Steeplechase. If you have any association with Peele B House at CH, then you might like to consider helping Pageant by sponsoring their team via this Virgin Money Giving page.

16 February 2020 - 2019 Website Report - Unfortunately circumstances will probably prevent your webmaster from attending the AGM on 8 March. I have therefor put the 2019 Website Report online so that you can all read it in advance of the meeting. If you have any questions or comments I will be pleased to answer them by email. Please contact me by email - contact pageant webmaster

31 January 2020 - Pageant's February visit to The Gambia - On Tuesday 4 January, Pippa, Kathy and Andrew will be making their regular February trip to The Gambia. They will be accompanied for part of the visit by physics teacher, Joe Brock who has run our physics workshops in The Gambia many times before. The team will make their usual visits to students and their families to catch up with them and pay sponsorship monies. They will also be visiting schools to look at completed and part completed projects and to consider new projects. There will also be other usual numerous activities.

A large part of the visit will be devoted to running Science Workshops for student teachers at Gambia College, This year Pippa, Kathy and Wandifa will be running microscopy workshops, and Joe, Andrew, Yankuba and Abdoulie will be running physics workshops. Andrew will be making regular posts on Pageant's News Blog to keep you all up to date on what they are up to. We will be copying Andrew's posts onto this summary web page.

14 January 2020 - Carole Odumo visits Gambian Scouts Carole was recently in The Gambia where she visited the 2nd Kombo Scout Group which has links with the 1st Fetcham Scout Group in the UK. Read her account of her visit.

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