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Latest News

22 March 2018 - Give to Gambia - Report - Nick Taylor has been in The Soma area of The Gambia, helping schools and communities with projects funded from his fundraising activities. Now read this report which he has written about these projects.

9 March 2018 - Donation of Furniture - You may remember that last summer Pageant loaded a container with donated furniture from the old Leatherhead Food Research Association building - see this news item about packing the container, and then this description of the unpacking in The Gambia. This news has now made it into the local press, and you can read the article from this link.

2 February 2018 - February Gambia Visit - Once again a Pageant team, consisting of Pippa, Kathy and Andrew, are in The Gambia for the regular February visit. Once again Andrew is battling with an unreliable internet to post news on the Pageant News Blog. We are copying posts all his posts to this dedicated page on our website, so you can see everything in one place. Keep checking this page for news as it comes in.

11 January 2018 - Pageant Website Report - This year the Pageant AGM will be delayed until Sunday 4th March. However, the 2017 website report is already on-line, so you can read it in advance and be ready with your questions.

Recent News

27 November 2017 - November trip - blog posts - A Pageant team has been in The Gambia from 7th to 27th November. Andrew Grove did a splendid job keeping us up to date with their news with regular posts on the Pageant News blog. These posts have all been copied to our page of collected posts. Keep checking because there are still more photos to come.

1 November 2017 - Pageant website issues - A page for people interested in how our website is built and maintained. Keeping pace with browser updates

17 October 2017 - Wandifa's page updated - Our main agent in The Gambia is Wandifa Saidykhan. We have just updated his web page with stories from other pages and brought it right up to date. Have a look at Wandifa's page here.

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