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Mosquito nets for village communities

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More mosquito nets have been donated by Pageant to village communities. Bakalarr and Jarreng have both benefited from gifts of nets and insecticide this rainy season. The photos below are from Bakalarr - we have also sent a lot more nets and insecticide to Jarreng, and the villagers there will have been going through the same process.

lengths of mosquito netting being bought in Banjul market

tailors in Banjul market making up the nets

Buying lengths of netting in Banjul market

market tailors making up the nets

the Chairman of Bakalarr School PTA distributes mosquito nets to needy families in villages served by Bakalarr school

The nets are soaked in disinfectant to repel mosquitoes

Bakalarr School PTA Chairman distributing nets to needy families in villages served by Bakalarr school

Net being soaked in disinfectant to repel mosquitoes

surplus insecticide is drained back into a bowl so one is wasted

Draining insecticide back into bowl - none wasted

during the day mosquito nets are hung above the bed

Net hung above bed during daytime

a dipped mosquito net being fitted to bed

Dipped net being fitted to bed

the Chairman of Bakalarr PTA with the letter of thanks to Pageant on behalf of the villagers

Chairman with letter of thanks on behalf of villagers to Pageant

In 2005 Pageant sent 1100 for nets and insecticide. 600 of this was raised by raffling paintings and 500 was a donation made by a member specifically for this purpose. The donation of 500 purchased 92 family nets as well as 150 litres of insecticide to dip them in. However, since this page was written, costs in The Gambia have risen, and the UK pound has fallen in value against the Dalasi. A family net will serve several people, as in The Gambia it is common practice for several people to share one bed or group of bed mats.

During 2005, Bakalarr received 88 nets and Jarreng 135 nets, together with the required amounts of insecticide. This follows on from our efforts in 2004, when Pageant raised 200 from the raffle of a watercolour painting at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul in 2004, and used the money to buy mosquito nets for the village of Jarreng.

Pageant is a UK Charity - Registered No 1093963

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