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Baby daughter for Wandifa and Mariama

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update - latest photos

A couple of weeks back, Wandifa Saidykhan our agent in The Gambia, phoned Pippa to to tell her that his wife Mariama had given birth to a baby girl on 17th May. The baby weighed 3.5Kg at birth (7lb 11 oz) and her naming ceremony was scheduled for the following Saturday. Wandifa was very keen for us to tell as many Pageant members as possible about the new arrival, so Pippa announced it on the Pageant Blog.

The naming ceremony took place on 24th May, and the new baby was given the name Nyima. One of Pageant's other agents, Yankuba, took the photos below with Linda's camera.

Mariama and Nyama (1)

Mariama and Nyama (2)

Wandifa, Mariama, Nyama and Mo Lamin

Mariama and Nyima

Mariama and Nyima

Wandifa, Mariama, Nyima
and Mo Lamin

This would have been Nyima's first venture out into the world outside the family house, so understandably she was well wrapped up.  We hope soon to have some more photos of her, showing more than the top of her head - we'll keep you posted. As you can see from the smiles in the photos, the family is delighted with their new arrival.  For those of you who know the family, EB was around somewhere but could not be found when the photographs were taken. (see a recent photo of EB here) Mo Lamin's smile is big enough for both of them. You can see larger versions of these photos on Pippa's oringinal blog post.

MANY CONGRATULATIONS from us all at Pageant to Wandifa and Mariama, on the addition to your lovely family.

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Linda has just sent Pippa some more photos of baby Nyima Saidykhan, taken when she was just over 2 weeks old. Once again you can see larger versions on Pippa's oringinal blog post.


Nyima & Aunty Sandy

We can see rather more of Nyima now.

'Aunty Sandy' (Mariama's younger sister) is obviously going to be a wonderful baby-sitter!

and EB has now arrived to have his photo taken as well.

Thanks to Linda for the latest photo. It's lovely to be able to see the family at this happy time.

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