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Report on the Practical Microscopy Workshops for Student Teachers
 at Gambia College - infocus magazine, issue 26 June 2012

Pageant's Practical Microscopy and Science Workshops for Student Teachers were held in the Gambia in February 2012. Part of the funding for these came from an award from the Vice Presidents Fund of the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS). Kathy Grove and Pippa, who are RMS members, wrote this article for the RMS magazine 'infocus'.  The RMS kindly sent us a PDF copy of the article, which we have put on the Pageant website. We would like to thank the RMS both for help with the funding and for permission to publish this article. The article remains the copyright of The Royal Microscopical Society (RMS), and no part of it may be replicated in any form without the written permission of RMS.

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