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May/June 2005

refurbished classrooms

19 Oct 2005

1000 donation from Shap Ahoy (Shap Ahoy page)

1 Nov 2005

1000 cheque presented

15 Dec 2005

Pippa's visit November 2005

7 Jan 2006

Toilet block under construction

13 Feb 2006

Opening of Toilet Block

October 2006

New kitchen

In the spring of 2005, Pageant started to provide help to a little nursery school, Saloum Nursery, in the village of Nemakunku. This school was in a poor state of repair. The toilets were unusable, and  the children apparently just have to relieve themselves in a corner of the school yard. A new building was under construction, but progress was very slow, as it was being entirely funded from school fees, which are just 60-70 pence per term for each child.

Saloum Nursery headmistress stands outside the defunct toilets

Saloum headmistress outside the new building

Saloum headmistress outside the defunct loos

the headmistress outside the building under construction

general view of the new building

Saloum Nursery children in their classroom, showing the rubble floor

another view of the new building

children in their classroom

The picture on the left shows the children in their unfinished classroom, with a rubble floor. These conditions are obviously very difficult for the children, and we hope that the funds sent by Pageant will speed things up a bit. If the school do well with this first contribution, then Pageant will provide further help.

Updates May & June 2005 - refurbished classrooms

Children of Saloum Nursery School having a lesson

partly refurbished classroom at Saloum, showing chairs and tables

May 2005 - children during a lesson.
Note that they have chairs, but no desks or tables

June 2005 - classroom with chairs and tables

children outside the partly refurbished classroom at Saloum

a techer and two children inside the partrly refurbished classroom

children outside the partly refurbished classroom

Inside the partly refurbished classroom

Update 19 October 2005 - 1000 for Saloum Nursery

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In the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge, people attempt to drive their cars from the UK to The Gambia. The rules limit the purchase price of the vehicles, there is no official back-up, and at the end of the challenge, the cars are auctioned for the benefit of local good causes. Nick Capron and Tim Lovatt from Cumbria, are taking part in the 2006 Challenge. They decided to raise money for Pageant, and in particular for the Saloum Nursery. Their team is called Shap Ahoy. You can find out more on Pageant's Shap Ahoy page. They hope to visit Saloum Nursery on completing the Challenge.

By October Nick and Tim's fundraising was going great guns, and they made a very generous donation of 1000 to Pageant, to get work started on the Saloum Nursery toilet block. It was arranged that Pageant members Vic & Jackie Edwards would present a cheque to the Saloum Headmistress during their visit.

Update 1 November 2005 - Cheque presented at Saloum Nursery

The pictures below show Vic & Jackie Edwards presenting a 'giant' cheque for 1000 to the Saloum Headmistress.

cheque for 1000

presentation of the cheque

the giant cheque

the presentation
Headmistress on left (in green)

Jackie, Headmistress and kids

Vic and kids

Jackie with the Headmistress and kids

Vic giving the kids some football coaching

Update 15 December 2005 - Pippa's visit Nov 2005

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During Pippa's recent trip to The Gambia she visited Saloum Nursery School and was delighted to see that work on the toilet block is under way. A large hole has been dug for the below surface chambers and there are a considerable number of blocks all ready made for the below-ground structure to be built. Pippa took with her a further 500 on behalf of Shap Ahoy, so by the time Nick and Tim arrive the above-ground walls should be rising!

hole for underground chambers for toilets at Saloum Nursery

concrete blocks for building toilets at Saloum Nursery

hole for the underground chambers

concrete blocks cast and ready for
building work to start

As ever, the children were delightful and the classrooms are looking so much better now with their new floors and the furniture from our recent container-load.

some of the furniture from the recent container load

Saloum children using their new furniture

some of the furniture

Saloum children using their new furniture

children at Saloum Nursery

children at Saloum Nursery

some of the children at Saloum Nursery

We hope that Nick & Tim have a wonderful trip and that they enjoy meeting everyone at Saloum.

Update 7 January 2006 - Toilets under construction

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the underground chambers for the toilets nearly finished 1

the underground chambers for the toilets nearly finished 2

the underground chambers for the toilets nearly finished

Update - Opening of Toilet Block - Monday 13 February 2006

Ian & Pippa set off from the Atlantic Hotel to visit Saloum Nursery school, together with Helen (whose family sponsors Fatou), and Lorna, a UK teacher who was keen to visit some schools. Here is Pippa's report:

"We had arranged to meet Vic & Jackie Edwards at Saloum, as they were keen to see the changes made at the little school they had introduced us to, just a year ago.

Since then the school has benefited from fund-raising by Shap Ahoy, one of the 2005/6 Plymouth - Banjul rally teams, and at the time of our February visit they had received 1,500 of this sponsorship money.

When we had visited the school in November 2005 work had started on the toilet block that was so badly needed and good progress had been made by the time the Shap Ahoy team arrived in January 2006. Now we were going to be able to officially open it - but first we met the children and teachers in class and then joined them in some singing and dancing in the playground. Ring-a-ring-a-roses went down very well!

children dancing

children gathered ready for the opening

children dancing

children gathered ready for the opening

Then, the children were all lined up at the side of the school in the shade, we were invited to join them and - there it was! A fully finished toilet block with 3 cubicles - one girls, one boys and one teachers - with mosaic tiled floors and solid, painted doors. It looked really splendid and Mariama, the head teacher, was obviously very pleased and proud to show it to us. Jackie started the proceedings by opening the girls' cubicle, Vic did the honours for the boys and Lorna, rather appropriately we thought, opened the cubicle for the teachers. Lots of applause from children, parents, teachers and several interested onlookers who happened to be passing - and from us too.

the finished toilets

the finished toilets

teacher from UK opens teachers' toilet

Vic opens the boys' toilet

Lorna, a teacher from UK, opens teachers' toilet Vic opens the boys' toilet

Jackie puts up some posters in the classroom


After that we returned to the classrooms where Vic and Jackie put up several posters that had been donated by Gallions Mount Primary School in Plumstead and other local donors, as well as distributing some excellent nursery school books and games. The height charts were particularly popular - the children took this very seriously and stood like solemn little statues to be measured.

Jackie puts up some posters in the classroom  
children with their new books the new playhouse
children with their new books the new playhouse

Before leaving Saloum we discussed the next project with Mariama, as we had brought her a further 1,700 of sponsorship money from Shap Ahoy. A kitchen seemed to be the highest priority - there is no kitchen at the school at present and without one they cannot take advantage of the Government-assisted school feeding programme. So, that was decided upon, and an estimate was prepared and delivered to us by Kemo before we left for UK. Work is going ahead with this now and we are awaiting photographs of progress. Once that is finished further work will start on bringing water into the school - whether it will be piped in from the nearest water main or a new bore hole will be dug will depend on cost and time scale for the work to be done. The last sponsorship payment from Shap Ahoy will be sent out in April 2006 and will be banked until estimates for the water project have been agreed. Mariama must be careful to use this money wisely - Shap Ahoy have raised the amazing total of 4572.55 for this little school, which must be way beyond her wildest dreams. However, even this amount of money will run out eventually, so she must ensure that her priorities have been met before it does.

We look forward to seeing the school again in October 2006 - and I think Vic and Jackie will be there with us again!"
Update - the kitchen - October 2006

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Pippa, reports on her latest visit to Saloum Nursery School:

"We have just come back from yet another Gambian trip, and visited Saloum to see their progress. They are doing pretty well - the kitchen is built, with a very nice stove and a storeroom for their supplies. Not painted yet, but they always leave that till last. The water supply is not in yet - they have decided to go for a piped water supply from the mains water, rather than dig a new bore-hole, and they are now in discussions with the water supply company."

Saloum kitchen, outside

Saloum kitchen, outside

Saloum kitchen storeroom

Saloum kitchen storeroom

Saloum kitchen, the stove

Saloum kitchen, the stove

Jackie and Vic with the 'thank you'

Jackie and Vic with the 'thank you'

"Mariama has sent a big 'thank-you' to everyone concerned with their improvements - I say 'BIG' without exaggeration, as it is in the form of a large sheet with paintings and a message on it. The photo above shows Vic & Jackie with it in our house - we had to hang it from the gallery for the photo! "

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