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This page contains a list of schools and educational establishments in The Gambia with which Pageant is associated. Each school entry has very brief information about the school, and if appropriate, links to  pages with more information on the Pageant website and links to the school's own website. The icon sponsored now means that the school currently has students supported under the Pageant Sponsorship Scheme. did have sponsored means that the school had sponsored students in the past. There is also a 'search' button for each school to find other mentions of the school or community on our website. The MAP link shows the school's location as accurately as we know it on a Google map. Where we have a school's accurate location, please refer to one of the excellent maps listed on our Maps page. We also have a page with information about UK Schools, which have links with Gambian schools in association with Pageant. 

Updates and Feedback

This page was updated August 2014, based on information for the school year 2013-2014.  If you can add to the information about any school, such as a link to a school website, or a more accurate location (e.g map reference) or can correct any errors, then please email:   contact webmaster

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To find details of a school, move your mouse pointer over the alphabet above. You can click now to go straight to that section, or move your pointer down into the list of schools which appears. Browsers vary in the way they respond to moving the pointer over the letter, and moving in from the right often fails to produce the drop-down list. If this happens try moving in from the left, top or bottom. Once the drop-down list is displayed, always move straight down into the list before moving sideways to select a school.

The schools are displayed in four columns by type (see Gambia Education System below), and those which combine several levels on one site will appear in more than one column. Schools shown like this have or had Pageant sponsored students, but probably no other relationship with Pageant. Schools shown like this have a strong association with Pageant, and may also have their own Pageant web page. To return to this 'Find a School' index, click on any of the back to menu links at the right of each entry.

The Gambian Education System

Nursery schools & classes Nursery education is not financed by the Gambian state system, and parents must pay fees for attendance and for books etc. Some Lower Basic Schools have nursery classes, and there are separate nursery schools in many areas. These schools are increasing in number all the time, particularly in the western part of The Gambia but also now in the up-country villages.

Lower Basic Schools (LBS) (Also known as Primary Schools) These provide education for 7 to 13 year olds, in Grades 1 to 6. Attendance at the State-run schools is 'free', but the families pay for school fund, books, food, uniform etc.

Upper Basic Schools (UBS) (Also know as Junior Secondary Schools) These provide education for 13 to 16 year olds, in Grades 7 to 9. In the State-run schools girls go 'free' while boys pay tuition fees, but book fees are considerably higher. Also, as there are fewer UB than LB schools, many children either face a very long walk or must pay increased transport costs.

Basic Cycle Schools (BCS) These schools are mainly in rural areas, and combine both LBS and UBS with all Grades from 1 to 9. There are even a few BCS schools which include nursery or SSS grades.

Senior Secondary Schools (SSS) (Also known as High Schools) These are equivalent to UK Sixth Form Colleges, and provide education for 16 to 19 year olds, in Grades 10 to 12. Both boys and girls pay fees. The book and exam fees are higher still and the number of SS schools is quite small, making the funding of travelling to school a major consideration.

Further Education Tertiary education in The Gambia is provided by the University of the Gambia, and a number of other post-secondary institutions including the Gambia College (GC), the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI), the Management Development Institute (MDI) and the Gambia Telecommunication and Multi-Media Institute (GTMI), which all provide degree level courses. There are also many Skills Training Centres which provide training in practical, technical and commercial subjects.

More about Schools and Communities

The Gambia Resource Page is a website holding a vast range of information about The Gambia. This direct link to their Education Section shows you a comprehensive list of the majority of Gambia's schools and colleges. As an example of how numbers of students drop from Lower Basic to Senior Secondary grades, have a look at Region 3 (the North Bank Region), and note that there are 97 LBS and BCS, but only 4 SSS. The Falling Rain directory covers the whole of The Gambia, listing latitude and longitude of many towns, villages and communities. It does not list any schools, but can be useful in pinpointing the location of a school.

List of Schools


Abuko is a small village about 10km south-west of Banjul on the way to the International Airport. Abuko Lower Basic School was started as a local initiative, so that the village children did not have to travel 5km to the then nearest school. Abuko LBS has close and continuing links with Bishops Waltham School in Hampshire, where they run regular Worldclass Fayres to raise money for Abuko LBS. See our main Abuko LBS page for more about Abuko LBS and the following updates:

Nov 2005 Feb 2006 April 2007 June 2007
April 2010 May 2013    

In February 2010 Pageant held one of the Microscopy Workshops at this school. (details of 2010 workshops)

Albion Lower Basic School was the main beneficiary of a pen and pencil collection, organised by seven year old Oliver in 2007. Read Oliver's story and see some photos taken at Albion. During February 2012, Tom Kimber, a teacher from Westdene Primary School in Brighton, organised a group of teachers on a week-long visit (news item about Brighton teachers visit). Albion was also the venue for a Creative Writing Workshop in February 2013.


Bakalarr is located north of the Gambia River and is reached from Banjul by ferry to Barra and a 15km road journey. The school serves five local villages, and has Grades from 1 to 9, as well as a nursey class. Pageant has been involved with many projects at this school since 2001. Much of the credit for the huge improvements achieved is down to the enthusiasm and commitment of its headmaster Mr Bakary Gitteh, who visited us in the UK in 2005. There is a summary on the Bakalarr projects page with more details on the following pages:  (add well appeal)

Classroom floors New kitchen Boundary wall Wall paintings
Vegetable plots 1 Vegetable plots 2 Vegetable plots 3 Nursery class
New toilets Toilets opening Other projects Update Feb 2005
Bakary's UK visit Visit Feb 2008 Staff accommodation Well Appeal

Pageant helped Bakau New Town Lower Basic School with its vegetable garden in 2003, and was used as a base for unpacking FROGS containers . Though the school doesn't have any major Pageant projects at the moment, there are several sponsored children.

Chestnut Grove School in Balham, London has links with Banyaka LBS. In May 2011 they raised funds to complete the construction of a school library: (see our Chestnut Grove page) In 2013, Chestnut Grove held a Comedy Evening to raise funds for Banyaka. See these two news items: (September 2013 & October 2013)

Sarah Hayes has been helping this school for some time, and sponsored a pupil there. She raised funds for the school with a number of sponsored runs, including the 2009 Marine Corps 10k and the 2011 Chester Marathon. (more about Sarah and Chester Marathon)  In February 2010 Pageant held one of the Microscopy Workshops at this school. (details of 2010 workshops)

This nursery school was set up as a local initiative, on land donated by the village mosque. Pageant funded the completion of building work - rendering the walls, laying concrete floors and fitting doors and windows.

Busumbala Farato LBS has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant. Pageant is associated with the Women's Group in Busumbala.


Campama Lower Basic School was brought to Pageant's attention in February 2007 because of its poor state of repair. See the main Campama page for details of this visit and the second Campama page for details of the visit in October 2007. In February 2008 Pippa's niece, Frances, and some friends spent a couple of days teaching the children at Campama. In April 2008, Pageant unloaded a container of furniture and school equipment at Campama - see Pageant News blog. In October 2009, Pageant saw the new nursery class, and helped to assemble some bookshelves from a container load - more about 2009 visit. Campama LBS is currently Pageant's normal location for unpacking containers.

Crab Island Upper Basic School is located just south of the centre of Banjul, on the river side of the peninsula. See the main Crab Island page above and also the following updates:

Dec 2005 Feb 2006 March 2006  


Deeper Life Nursery School was first visited in October 2003 and several times since to see Pageant sponsored children.

Deeper Life and Don McMaeth have both received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant.


Essau is on the north bank of the Gambia River, opposite Banjul, and close to the ferry terminal. Essau SSS  received a Science Kit from Collyer's School in February 2006, organised a Science Fair in September 2006 and was the venue for one of the Practical Science Seminars in February 2007.


The Foundation for Disabled People (FfDP) has a workshop which produces specialised all terrain wheelchairs. They train disabled people to build, maintain and repair wheelchairs, and they run a computer training centre for people with a physical handicap. The Foundation supplied one of its special wheelchairs to Sarjo, one of Pageant's sponsored students (see Sarjo's wheelchair) and Pageant funded a further batch of 15 wheelchairs for disabled students from different regions of The Gambia.


Gambia College is where Pageant holds most of its regular science and microscopy workshops. There was a Physics Workshop in 2011, and Microscopy and Science Workshops in 2012, and this was also covered by posts on our blog. There was a Microscopy Workshop in 2013 (described in blog posts) and Physics and Microscopy Workshops in 2014 (also described in blog posts).

Gambia Senior Secondary School (also called Gambia High School) in Banjul was visited twice in November 2005 - see 1st visit - 2nd visit. It received a Science Kit from Collyer's School in 2006 and was one of the locations for Pageant's first Physics Workshop. In February 2007 it was a venue for a Practical Science Seminar. Gambia SSS has been helped extensively by Keith Farrington, who helped them establish a Computer Science Lab. See news item March 2006.

The Home Economics Skills Centre (GHESC) has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant.

The Gambia National Tourism Training Institute (GNTTI) was formerly known as the Gambia Hotel School.

GTMI is primarily the training wing of the Gambia Telecommunications Company (Gamtel), but it also takes fee paying students. Its program includes science and technology related areas.

GTTI provides two and three year craft, technician and business training programmes leading to certificates or diplomas in Business Studies, Computer Studies, Accountancy, Engineering and Construction. It received a Science Kit from Collyer's School in February 2006 and was the venue for an offshoot of the Practical Science Seminars in February 2007 when Joe Brock taught a lesson at one of the Automotive Engineering classes.

 In February 2010 Pageant held one of the Microscopy Workshops at this school. (details of 2010 workshops)

Several of the above schools have received furniture, materials or donations from Pageant.


Hilary Emery Nursery School was originally called JTT Nursery School (see JTT pages), but was renamed when it moved into new premises funded by the African Oyster Trust. Pageant member Aris Harrison-Price coordinates assistance given to this school by Nuneaton Lions Club, Ashby Castle Rotary Club, Coleman Primary School and other organisations in the Leicester area.

Humanity Nursery was first visited by Pageant in April 2011 when it consisted of one classroom catering for 18 children. Pageant helped with funding for a second classroom block, followed by toilets, mains water, electricity and general refurbishment. Pageant has also paid for a teacher to take a three year course at Gambia College. A Pageant team has visited Humanity Nursery every April, with all sorts of fun lessons and games.



Jambanjelly Nursery has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant.

Modou Lamin is a boy who attends Jambanjelly BCS. He was born with a badly deformed leg, so this was amputated in 2010, and Pageant then launched an appeal to pay for the construction and fitting of a prosthetic leg. [read Modou Lamin's story] In April 2014 Pageant organised a Sports Day, which you can read about Jambanjelly BCS sports day. Pageant has also donated sports kit and furniture and will probably be doing more there in the future in conjunction with Gambia College.

Jarreng is more than 150 km east of Banjul, on the south side of the Gambia River. Jarreng Basic Cycle School received a microscope in 2002,and then took part in a microscopy competition It was visited in 2003 and Pageant helped the headmaster set up a chicken farming project. However, the conditions proved to be too hot for successfully rearing of chickens and the building has been put to alternative uses. Pageant visited again in February 2008. The most recent of several other visits was in April 2011. A Senior Secondary School was created by the addition of Grades 10 to 12, and this is called Niamina SSS, Niamina being the name of the district in which Jarreng is situated.

JJT Nursery School moved into new premises in 2010, and was renamed the Hilary Emery Nursery School. The old Pageant web pages are still available to tell the story of JTT up to its move.

Jurunku is a village on the north bank of the Gambia River, about 15 km east of Bakalarr. The school was a Lower Basic School until 2014, when it extended its age range to become a Basic Cycle School. Pageant has been involved with many projects at this school, initially with Jon Quinnell and Lamin Jammeh organising things. a young man from Jurunku village, organised much of the work at this school.

2004-2005: first visit, new concrete floors & garden wall
2006-2007: gardens, staff room & solar powered water supply
2009 onward: HopeFirst Foundation, new itchen and school wall


Pageant visited Kanikunda LBS (alternative spelling Kanni Kunda) in February 2014 and again in April 2014 to check on various projects.

The King's Kid Academy (KKA) was founded in 1997 by a Nigerian missionary to provide nursery education, expanded to Lower Basic Grades 1 to 6, and currently (2014) is covering Grades 7 and 8 in the Upper Basic range. Pageant started helping KKA in 2006, and two Pageant web pages cover happenings at this school. The first KKA page covers 2006-2007, and the second KKA page from 2008 onwards. Funds were raised by teams in Plymouth-Banjul Challenge - Desert Mice & First to the Bar in 2007 and Transplant Titans in 2008. Students from Oakham School (UK) and Copenhagen International School funded a new toilet block in July 2008, as part of the Toilets and Textbooks project. Pageant visited in October 2009 to assemble some bookshelves. In June 2011 Lauren & Dan spent some time teaching at KKA as part of their Education Degree Course. Pageant visits KKA regularly, such as April 2012, April 2013 and April 2014.

KMJ Nursery School is in Wellingara, at the southern end of Serrekunda. Pageant first visited this school briefly in October 2003 , then in February 2006 and again in February 2007 . Again in February 2007, Pageant member Tina Boswell carried out an Art Project there. In February 2008 , Tina's daughter, Frances, and some friends spent several days teaching the children. In October 2009 the school received new bookshelves. In June 2011 , Lauren & Dan spent some time teaching at KMJ as part of their Education Degree Course.

Kunkujang Keitaya UBS has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant.


Pageant held a very good Maths workshop at Lutheran LBS in April 2014 and will no doubt be doing more there in the future.


Mahmoud Achten Nursery School is in Fagikunda a suburb of Serrekunda. John Emery and Jane Bull helped to achieve some great improvements at this school, but are no longer active there.

Masroor SSS has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant

Pageant ran a very successful Microscopy class at Mingdaw in April 2014 and we will probably be doing more there in the future in conjunction with Gambia College. Mingdaw has a widely used alternative spelling Mindaw.


Ndow UBS has had football kit and science equipment funded by Christ's Hospital students. Also two of the houses at Christ's Hospital used to fund the sponsorship of a pupil at Ndow UBS. In February 2010 Pageant held one of the Microscopy Workshops at this school. (details of 2010 workshops) In June 2011, Lauren & Dan spent some time teaching at Ndow UBS as part of their Education Degree Course. - see more from Lauren & Dan's blog

Niamina SSS grew out of Jarreng BCS by the adding Grades 10 to 12. It was named after the name of the district in which Jarreng is situated.

New Yundum and Nusrat have both received furniture, materials or donations from Pageant.



Pallol is one of two schools where we have funded projects in conjunction with Peace Corps Volunteers who are working in these schools. more about PCV at Pallol

Students from Christ's Hospital did a Maths & Science day at Presentation of Mary UBS. Pageant has given the school quite a bit of Science equipment and we will probably be doing more there in the future in conjunction with Gambia College.


No schools in this list starting with Q


The name has been changed officially to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital though everyone still calls it by the old name.


Nemakunku is a village about 12km southwest of Banjul. Pageant helped Saloum Nursery School in this village from 2005 to 2010. Funds for this school were raised by team Shap Ahoy in the 2006 Plymouth-Banjul Challenge.

Serrekunda LBS has received furniture, materials and donations from Pageant

This school, sometimes called SDA LBS, is in Farato near Busumbala. They received lots of goodies in Pageant's container load in August 2011.

Known as SHM for short, this school opened in September 2008 and caters for pupils aged from 3 to 5. It is currently the only nursery school in Gunjur providing both Islamic and conventional education. Pageant has provided furniture, helped to fund renovation of the perimeter wall, build a new classroom and kitchen, replace the collapsed water tower and provide a solar powered pump for the well. There are links from the main SHM page to all the stories about SHM. Also in April 2012, a team from Pageant organised a Sports Day (read more about the sports day)

Siffoe Lower Basic School is about 40 km south of Banjul, close to the border with Southern Senegal. Pageant provided funds for the completion of the new five classroom block. A lot of progress was seen during the October 2005 visit. There has recently been further funding, and the work has now been completed (more about these projects).

Pageant helped them fit out their new library with donated shelving and furniture ( more about Siffoe library)

Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School is one of the largest primary schools in The Gambia. It is near Serrekunda, about 10km west of Banjul. It has a well established Science Club and a Resource Centre, which was built with funding raised by Pageant members Linda Murgatroyd and Chris Hyde. Team Ibrakeforcake in the 2007 Plymouth Banjul Challenge made Sinchu Baliya their own special project, raising 1200 for the school. It was the venue for one of the Practical Science Seminars in February 2007.

Science club Microscopy competitions Resource centre Update Apr 2005
Update Nov 2005      

See details of Pageant's visit to Sobeya Nursery and Skills Training Centre in February 2006.

Pageant has given SOS SSS quite a bit of Science equipment and we have a very good relationship with the excellent headmaster regarding sponsorship.

St Augustine's Upper Basic is in Banjul. Pageant member Keith Farrington has been involved in supplying computers for their computer laboratory and setting up a woodwork facility. There were visits to see sponsored students and these facilities in November 2005, February 2006 and March 2006. One of Pageant's first Science & Microscopy Workshops was held there [more about 2009 Science Workshops] and we have given them further science equipment.


Tanji LBS has received furniture, materials etc. via Pageant.


In April 2014, a Pageant team visited Unity Nursery and organised singing and dancing, followed by painting and making collages. (fun and painting at Unity). We will no doubt be doing more there in the future.

Unity Comprehensive received a Pageant science kit, and furniture for their library, and also microscopes from djb microtech (more about the djb donation)

The University has received equipment and other materials via Pageant.



Wellingara LBS has received furniture, materials etc. via Pageant.

In 2005, Pageant member Andrew Rattray funded the refurbishment of the school kitchen. Since then the school has moved to new premises in Banjul. Pageant is still helping the school in many ways, including provision of cricket kit for their successful team in the local schools league.


No schools in this list starting with X


Yakanu International Nursery in Serrekunda was in rented premises, with the lease soon due to run out. Alex Odell started a project to relocate the school in new premises, and she was supported by an enthusiastic group who call themselves the Gambia Crew. They raised funding and purchased land for building the new school. 

Yallal Tankonjala is one of two schools where we have funded projects in conjunction with Peace Corps Volunteers who are working in these schools. more about PCV at Yallal Tankonjala  

The YMCA Skills Training Centre in Banjul offers courses in catering, hotel management, hair dressing, cosmetology, dress making etc.


No schools in this list starting with Z

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