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The basics

  • This search facility covers only pages within the Pageant website.

  • The search is case-insensitive - search words need only be entered in lower case.

  • If you leave the search box empty, then the results list will show links to all pages in the site.

  • Common words are not indexed, based on the DVL/Verity Stop Word List  Neither are words containing numerals, words with two or less letters and words which appear only once on a page. This reduces the size of the database, and the download time.

  • The search will find pages containing words starting with the word typed - 'kit' will find pages with 'kitchen'.

  • If you type several words in the search box, the search facility will find only those pages which have ALL the words you enter - it is a Boolean AND search.

  • Because common words are not indexed, if one of these words is in a list of words you type, you will get no matches - unless by chance that word is the start of a word that is indexed. Try 'in'.

  • Do not try to search for "phrases in quotes" - it will just search for the words in the phrase.

  • Search results are ranked according to the frequency of the search words on Pageant pages, so that the most relevant pages are probably listed first.

  • Words in links to other pages will also be found, so you may think that some of the pages in the list are not really relevant.

After your first search

  • When you click on a link in the results list, the selected page opens. However, the search window doesn't close, but it does get hidden under the page you're viewing.

  • If you want to follow another link in the list, you must bring the search window back into view. Look for the 'tab' at the bottom of your screen labelled 'Search Pageant Site', and click on it.

  • If instead of using the search window, you start another search from a normal Pageant page, then nothing appears to happen. However, the results of this search will be in the hidden search window, and you will need to bring this into view to see them.

And finally

  • Some pages on the Pageant site are designed so that they normally open as pop-ups in new windows. However, if you open them from the search results lists, they will open as standard pages.

  • The search facility has been tested using recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. If you use it with any other browser, please let us know if it works or not.

  • This site search facility was provided by BuildWebSite4u, and can be downloaded for free use.


  •   Tell us what you think about this search facility.


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