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Month-by-month data since March 2004

The website structure has remained unchanged since 2004, but its size has increased steadily over the years. The following graphs show how three important measures of website usage have varied on a monthly basis. Short term variations result in a 'spiky' appearance, but moving the mouse over the graphs shows the trends more clearly by showing graphs with running averages over 12 months.

Pages - The number of html pages and other documents viewed each month. This is the best measure of website activity, but is not often used because 'hits' gives a bigger number!


Hits - The number of requests handled by the server each month. This includes a count for every picture on the page and invisible things like JavaScript files. Though not the best measure of website activity, this is the thing most webmasters quote.


Bandwidth - This is the total number of bytes downloaded each month, and is a good measure of resources needed to run the website. The scale on the left is in MB.


There are two other statistics, which are not particularly useful, so we don't show graphs for them:

Unique visitors - This is a count of the number of different people accessing the site, as determined by their IP addresses. These are sometimes assigned temporarily each time someone logs on to their server, so a new number doesn't always mean a new user.

Number of visits - A single visit covers a series of pages which are looked at without leaving the Pageant site.

Annual totals

The graph below shows 12 month totals for 'pages viewed', 'hits' and 'bandwidth' from 2004 up to the end of 2016. Website usage reached a peak in 2008, followed by a substantial fall - possibly mirroring economic conditions in the UK, with fewer people having spare cash for charities, and therefore less interest in charity websites. In December 2010, it was reported that donations to UK charities declined by 11%, with smaller charities suffering a bigger fall of around 20%. There was a recovery from 2013, but another downturn from the middle of 2015, but there are signs that this might be flattening out.

Annual totals

[All data collected using the Awstats package.]

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