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Online Student Sponsorship (non-UK)

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This facility is only for those living outside the UK who cannot pay their sponsorship of a student's education by cheque or bank transfer.
Please do not use unless you have to.

Please note that we strongly prefer that UK sponsorship donations are sent to us by cheque or direct bank transfer. We have set up this online facility purely for those who are not able to do this - such as those living outside the UK. Virgin Money Giving charge a handling fee for this service, so we don't get as much as if you pay us directly, by cheque or bank transfer.

Even if you live overseas, you might still be a UK taxpayer. If so please remember to select the Gift Aid option during the online donation process. Gift Aid allows Pageant to claim an extra from the taxman. If you decide to pay by some other method, you can send us a Gift Aid form by post. This is available in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

If you need to use our online service, please check our email to you for the amount you need to pay and have your credit or debit card ready. The amount you pay will be in UK Pounds. Your bank or card company will convert this into your local currency at the current exchange rate when payment is made. If you are unfamiliar with current exchange rates, you can check here. (You may need to scroll down.)

  1. Click on this link to go to our Virgin Money Giving page.
    (This opens in new window, so you can still read this. The following instructions are for guidance only as Virgin Money Giving may change the layout of their pages at any time.)
  2. Click on the 'Make a donation' link (top right).
  3. On the donation page, make sure 'Single amount' is selected, and then click on the 'Specify an amount' box. Now enter the sponsorship amount in UK Pounds.
  4. Click on either the 'Pay by card' or 'PayPal donate' Buttons.
  5. The next few screens allow you to enter your personal details, or log-in to your account, or set up an account if you don't have one. But you don't need an account to donate.
  6. At some point before you confirm payment, you should see a box 'I'd like to leave a message'. Enter 'Sponsor on-line' in this box. (If you miss this, don't worry. Just send us an email confirming the amount and date of the donation.)
  7. Follow the instructions to complete your donation.
Thank you for sponsoring a Gambian student
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