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Video Clip - Life Nursery School


This clip was filmed at Life Nursery School in October 2004. The school is in the urban area adjacent to Serrekunda.  Pippa and Ian first visited the school in October 2003 in order to meet two sponsored children and were impressed by the way the school was run and by what they achieve with the children. Pageant sent some play equipment and books to the school and the children of Dame Tipping CE Primary School in Essex (sponsors of the two boys) are writing to the Gambian children as the start of what we hope will be a proper school link. Life is not solely a Nursery School - it also has a Primary School section, which no doubt we will be introduced to as the boys get older. Continues after the clip.....


The class in which the two children are spelling the words on the board has about 140 children! It is supervised by two teachers and is in a very large room, so they are not seriously overcrowded - however, as you can see in the video, they are sitting four to a desk... .  The biggest cheer of the visit was in response to the gift of a football to the class and the suggestion by one of the teachers that they should hold a girls v boys match in the playground!


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