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Computers for Hospital & Schools December 2003

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Brenda and Keith Farrington's report on their visit:

We are back in the UK after a successful trip representing Pageant in the Gambia. Everything went very well. All the equipment was observed at the schools, hospitals and was ready for use. We met the Director for Science and Technology Mr Embrima Kah at the Department for State and Education, Banjul. We had a lengthy discussion about future donations and installation of this type of equipment. A strategy for the schools in Gambia is evolving and they hope to publish it in February 2004.

a computer keyboard is handed over as a token presentation

Seven of the computers that Oxford Instruments donated were given to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital. On on Boxing Day a collection from guests raised nearly 200. This was used to purchase 2 brand new Canon "coloured" Bubble Jet Printers which complemented the Pageant Donations. We also provided an additional LaserJet printer for black and white printing.

Handover of some of the equipment.

The remaining computers went to Crab Island School. We agreed to remove 10 of Crab Islands existing computers and set up another computer lab at the Greater Banjul Senior Secondary School. We inspected this lab and were so impressed by the efforts from Greater Banjul we have agreed to give them further donations of equipment to bring the number of computers there to 25.

a corner of the computer lab shows three PCs

A visit to St Augustine's Senior Secondary School in the centre of Banjul left us stunned by the effort they had put in during the last 3 months to create their computer laboratory (14 Machines). We were again pleased to offer them a further donation to start a second computer lab later this year.

The computer lab at St Augustines School.

The Gambia Teachers Union received 16 Computers and after a presentation at their head quarters we met many Headmasters and Deputy Heads from other schools also keen to join the programme.

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