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Carole's Wedding

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Pageant member, Carole Punt, recently got married in The Gambia to Franklin Odumo, a Nigerian who lives and works there. We all wish them a happy life together. Carole has sent us this short note about how they met, and the wedding itself:

"My first trip to The Gambia was in February 2005 with my sister, Dawn. We were staying at the Kombo Beach Hotel and almost every evening we went to the Senegambia strip for dinner and a drink, usually ending up at Ali Baba for a dance.

Carole and Franklin at their wedding

One evening we were eating at The African Queen and a very handsome waiter, named Franklin cleared our table and started chatting. He asked to meet me the next day and I told him we would be on the beach at Kombo. To my surprise he found me on the beach the next day and the rest as they say is history.....We met on his night off and some evenings after he had finished work we would meet in Ali Baba.

At home after the holiday I did not think that he would make contact, even though we had swapped numbers and email addresses. One day, a week or so after I was home he phoned me and since then we have been in touch almost every day, via email, text or phone. I returned to The Gambia three more times in 2005, happily loaded with PAGEANT goodies and to meet Franklin.

We attended the Registry office on Tuesday 21 Feb, after getting caught in a two hour traffic jam caused by the President, to fill out forms and book dates. Then we had to attend again on Thursday 23 February to swear an oath.....

Carole and Franklin

We were married on 27 February 2006 at Banjul Registry Office, with Kemo Ceesay as a guest, only sorry that Pippa and Ian could not extend their holiday to join us!

We had our evening reception at The African Queen, the place we had first met and our honeymoon was a 6 hour drive to Jarreng to visit the school and Sherrifu, the boy I sponsor. The school gave us a fantastic welcome and made it a day to remember.

Kemo and Franklin

Franklin, Sherrifu and Carole at Jarreng

Kemo and Franklin Franklin, Sherrifu and Carole at Jarreng

Hopefully Franklin will join me in the UK soon and The Gambia will remain our special holiday destination."

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