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A Visit to The Gambia - Charlotte May, October 2006

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10 year old Charlotte May sent us this description of her visit to The Gambia:

My family and I went on holiday to the Gambia. We were lucky enough to bump into Pippa and Ian, the leaders of Pageant. They were kind enough to take us to a nursery school. The children were lovely, and very eager to learn, the school was completely different to the ones we have here in England. It was made up of one small building used as a classroom, it simply had a black board at the front, chairs and desks, with an extra table to store things on. It was just a plain classroom but the children were so happy, they sang songs and we played colour games. The nursery also had a toilet block and they were in the process of building a kitchen, so the children could cook too.

me and my brother playing with the children

To my surprise all the children in the school were wearing a uniform, as you can see in the picture it was green with the school emblem on it. We also gave the children some exercise books, pens and pencils, they were delighted. All the children seemed to like each other and get along well, which does help when you are at school. They were all learning really well, all of them could count to 60 or 70 and they also knew the alphabet. We taught them some songs they picked them up easily and then they sang us some songs they already knew. Another gift we took them was a bag of small plastic balls when we rolled them to each other I got completely confused! I won't be playing that game again for a while!!!!

me and my brother playing with the children

We also visited a secondary school, it was newly built. We took lots of gifts like, staplers, pencil sharpeners, books, lots of footballs and some hula hula hoops. The head teacher loved all the gifts, even though he couldn't work the pencil sharpener, all the things we took, we take for granted. We went to visit the children, but unknown to us the children had been sent home, because of Ramadan, which is a long period of time when Muslims fast. Then when they see the new moon they can have a big feast, this is to make them purer people, similar to our Lent.

the secondary school

the secondary school

The school had lots of classes a library, staff room and toilets. This particular school had a big football pitch and a garden where they could grow crops .We also met the school care taker and three of the teacher's .They had some school text books that we read. They learn the same sort of things we learn here.

These children are some of the lucky ones, because many of the children in Gambia do not go to school. Thanks to Pageant and all the people who sponsor a child this could change. If you ever visit the Gambia, then take my advice and spare some time to go and visit the children in the schools. The look on their faces to have a visitor makes it so worth while.


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