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Science Kits for Gambian Schools

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Early last year we brought you news about the science and electronics teaching kits, donated to Gambian schools by a Horsham  sixth form college, the College of Richard Collyer (Collyer's). (see news item) Collyer's has Beacon Status for Science and is working on several initiatives, such as teaching units and resources for GCSE Electronics, Physics, Biology, Geology and General Science. (See Collyer's website)
We also told you how an American volunteer teacher, Kim Pilmer, took charge of a second Science Kit and organised a Science Fair for children on the North bank of the River Gambia. (
see news item)

Joe Brock is Head of Science at Collyer's and was responsible for these kits. He has now developed a book for teaching Science in The Gambia, which is
accompanied by a resource kit consisting of items that are relatively inexpensive and readily available in the UK, but not necessarily in The Gambia. Joe, together with Pippa and Ian, and others from Collyer's and Pageant are off to The Gambia on 9 February. They will be taking out copies of the book and kits of equipment to 40 schools. Joe will be running 5 days of seminars to show Gambian teachers how to deliver their curriculum with some practical input, which should make the students a lot more enthusiastic about their Science lessons. Last year's experience shows that the teachers are very keen to use these kits and the children are very keen to learn. Up till now, the children have been taught 'chalk and talk' most of the time. Joe's new book contains 73 experiments, and the kits have been individually packaged for each of the 40 schools.

packing the science kits

packing the science kits

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