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Pageant News 14 January 2009

First of all, a big thank you all for the messages of goodwill at Christmas and for the coming New Year that we have received, not only from many of our members but also from a large number of our Gambian students . We wish you all the best of health and happiness for 2009 and we look forward to seeing as many members as possible at the AGM on 25th January.

We were very busy before Christmas - as well as all the preparations for a big family Christmas here we also managed to pack up 5 more pallets of nursery school furniture! The furniture was donated by two local schools - Shelley Primary School in Broadbridge Heath and Littlehaven Infant School - and will be eagerly received by the Gambian recipients. Thank you very much, Shelley and Littlehaven.

The pallets left UK on 2 January and their scheduled arrival date at Banjul is 25 January (I expect it will be later!!) As this is NOT a complete container the goods will be unloaded by Kamino Redcoat and then transport will have to be found to take the still-assembled pallets to Campama LBS. This furniture shipment is for two schools - one is Campama itself, for the new nursery department that the Headteacher, Mrs Ndey Jatta, wishes to start in the old GOVI building at the side of the school compound and the other is a new nursery school we have started helping in Gunjur, founded by Ahmed Manjang. We provided some furniture for the latter school from the last shipment, which enabled Ahmed to open the school - this latest shipment should complete his nursery classroom requirements. There are also several classroom storage units, again to be divided between Gunjur and Campama.

Packed into the spaces between the furniture are a variety of packages, for use by families as well as by Schools and Skills Centres. As ever, we give grateful thanks to our pallet-packing assistants (Ann & Brian on this occasion) and to Tim for storage and packing space and for transporting the pallets to the shippers in Crawley on Christmas Eve.

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