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Container unloaded in The Gambia

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The container which Pageant packed at the end of July (see details) has arrived in The Gambia and has been unpacked for the goods to be distributed. The following emails to Pippa describe the unloading:

email from Yankuba

First of all I will start by registering my sincere thanks to you for all your support to the entire Gambian peoples for your tireless support to us as always.

I will like to tell you how things went for us during the unloading of the container yesterday at Campama LBS. It was in the afternoon when the container arrived, after waiting it for so long before they finish all the paper works at the port which was not an easy task at all especially in the time of Ramadan. As you know, people working at the port are not easy to deal with in processing the documents of the containers, because it always takes you a decade before you will finish with them, and because of these conditions the container came much later than we thought.

However, I was very eager to do the unloading as the chief un-loader of the day and it was not an easy task too, to unloaded a container which was so well packed with quality furniture. So I took my time to do the unloading, one thing at a time at the starting of the container until I have some space for some one to join me to give me a helping hand. And then, with the help of others, things went so smoothly for us, and everything was done so perfectly and so quickly and we finished it well before the breaking of our fast.
Finally, I will also seize this opportunity to register my happiness and gratitude to all the members of PAGEANT for their support to the Gambians, and my special greetings to you and all the members of your family and a very special one to your mum.

email from Linda

Arrived, unloaded, not necessarily with the specified people, as it was such short notice after all, but it is done. I took off a little early from work, to supervise, but difficult to do, as it was starting to rain and getting towards time to break fast. One or two things are with me that should be elsewhere, as they were unlabelled, or the labels had fallen off. I have a few library shelves. Very little left from 15,000 dalasis, without paying the un-loaders. (Note: 15,000 dalasis is about 360 at the current rate of exchange).

email from Ebrima (GOWLA)

We cleared the container yesterday, it did not take us so much trouble this time. All the beneficiary schools got their share of the furniture. We got the charges to be less compared to the quotation you received earlier (from the Port Office). The fees for the handling, shipping agency and the scanning and the examination remain the same. But all the others charges were reduced through negotiations. We have spent less than D15,000(GMD).

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