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Pageant News 27 April 2010

We have just been offered a magnificent donation of science kit from Technology Supplies Ltd.  They have decided to discontinue supplying science equipment for schools, so have offered Pageant a lot of their remaining stock. The total cost of the equipment we have selected would be about 13,000, or just over half a million Dalasis if we had to buy it!! All brand new... a truly amazing offer, which we are really excited about.

Technology Supplies is prepared to pack it onto pallets for us and send it direct to our shipper. Pippa is going to contact the Gambian Permanent Secretary for Education, tell him about the equipment and say that we are willing to ship it, but we would like the Education Department to handle it at the Banjul end - including collecting from the port, delivery and customs. Pippa is suggesting that many of the one-off bigger items should go to the Gambia Teacher Training College for the trainee teachers to be able to see and use. However, the bulk of the shipment will be distributed as determined by the Education Department. Pippa will ask them for a list of the schools and colleges that are the lucky recipients, and will make follow up visits to make sure the equipment is being used to the best advantage. We hope to get photos of various bits of kit in use, to be given to Technology Supplies as a thank-you.

We will keep you updated about shipping and distribution, and subsequently publish some of the photos. Meanwhile a HUGE THANK YOU to Technology Supplies for this wonderful offer - we are truly grateful for it.

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