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Pageant News 25 July 2010

The annual Summer Party day for Pageant members was once more hosted by Ian and Pippa and it was Open House to more than 60 members between 11.00am and 4.00pm on Sunday 11 July 2010. Despite an early morning panic when it rained(!) we had a wonderfully sunny day again and the buffet lunch and drinks seemed to go down well. We arranged things a bit differently this year - everyone was seated for lunch at a long set of tables running across the garden, shaded by a long gazebo and a couple of huge green umbrellas.

We had decided to try our hands at Gambian dishes this time - Ann's fish benechin and beef domada, Pippa's chicken yassa and Franklin's beef surprise were on offer as well as vegetarian quiches and a couscous with vegetable stew from Andrew, potato and green salads from Tina and a Greek salad from Ian. It was a really impressive spread - our grateful thanks to all who helped with the food and with erecting, arranging and dismantling everything that made that day go so well. A nominal charge was made of 5 per head for lunch, with proceeds going towards the cost of sending the next container of school furniture and materials to Banjul in August. (For more about Gambian food see Gambian Recipes or do a search - there are plenty of recipes online)

Lunch 1

Lunch 2


Lunch 3

Lunch 4

Our Gambian visitor, Badara Bajo, is an ecologist who has been the main driving force behind the reclamation of areas of forest and mangroves in The Gambia. Pageant's Ethical Gift Scheme includes gifts offered in partnership with the Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group (GEPADG), which is run by Badara. He was over in UK for an Ecology Conference in Scotland and made the trip down from Edinburgh specially for the Pageant party. He enjoyed the day and was very happy to meet and talk to people who are interested in The Gambia. (more information about GEPADG)

Badara drawing the raffle tickets

We had two excellent prizes for our raffle this year - a beautiful patchwork, which could be used either as a bed cover or wall hanging, was made specially for us by Pageant member Doreen and we were also given a very nice David Shepherd print.

The raffle raised nearly 100, which will be used for the purchase of mosquito nets - Badara drew out the winning tickets, with Andrew winning the patchwork and Dave carrying off the print.

<< Badara drawing the raffle tickets


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