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Pageant news 13 October 2010

Pageant's latest container arrived in Banjul in late September, and was unloaded on 6 October by a team led by our main agent Wandifa Saidykhan. The contents were then distributed to schools in various parts of The Gambia. Yankuba Ceesay is another Pageant agent with special responsibility for the upcountry regions on the South Bank around Jarreng. Yankuba took charge of the consignment for Jarreng, with the help of Pageant's wonderful driver Abdoulie Gibba. Jarreng is a six hour journey from Banjul along appalling roads, so they did very well to get the stuff there so quickly.

Yankuba has sent us this message, which we think we should share with you all.

A message from Yankuba

"I just want to show my appreciation to you for your usual support to me and the rest of the people in the Gambia. I really appreciate the things you have sent for me because they are all very important to me in one way or the other, and I believe that those who bring sunshine into the lives of the others cannot keep it from themselves and the soul that perpetually overflows with kindness and sympathy will always be cheerful. You always make me feel happy, and when I feel so happy I jump to touch the sky and am always like an old soul living in a new body and you are the sun that light up the world for me, so you shall always remain in my heart for the rest of my life.

I will like to inform you that the things you have send for Jarreng Skill Centre are already in Jarreng and they have called me to show their appreciation for the things you have send for them and they are very
grateful to you and all the members of PAGEANT. For your timely support to the people of Jarreng and the entire surrounding villages who are also going to benefit from the valuable things you have send to them. And I personally believe that these things you send for Jarreng will go a long way in the development of the community. And thanks for the other stuffs you have send for Jarreng people, I am sure they will be very pleased to have received the clothes and the other things as well.

Once again I am happy to tell you that, I was very happy to take part in the unloading of the container, I can say now I have some experience in the unloading process. So it was easy for me to carry out with the process and with the help of Abdoulie as well, he has contributed a lot during the unloading of the container and because of this the unloading process was done within a short period of time. Besides, other people too who as well attended the unloading have also do very well in the process."

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