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Teaching student raises money for Aj Sherimang nursery

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Pageant news 26 October 2010

Nicola Biles is a 20 year old teaching student at the University of Cumbria and a Pageant member. She recently visited the Gambia and helped out at the Aj Sherimang nursery in Gunjur, doing craft activities with the children. The school, which opened last year, teaches 57 children, all aged under six, and is in desperate need of financial assistance in order to develop and continue educating children.

Nicola organised a Moonlit Fancy Dress Sponsored 10 mile Walk from Barrow to Ulverston. Approximately 20 people took part and they raised almost 500.

some of the walkers

even fairies need refreshment

some of the walkers

even fairies need refreshment

Nicola also wrote to local companies and received further funding from them. She is now planning how to spend these funds on developing the nursery - possibly some sort of kitchen facilities. Nicola's younger sister is currently organising a fancy dress day at her college to raise even more for the nursery.

Nicola, together with her sister and mother, is returning to The Gambia on News Year's Day, and will visit Aj Sherimang nursery to give each child with a pencil case and exercise book. She has purchased children's reading books to try to set up a reading facility, and some CDs and CD player to allow the children to listen to nursery rhymes and sing along. She has also bought some A4 lined refill pads and over 100 colour pencils.


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