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As another year draws to a close, it's time to take stock of the Pageant website, and see how it can be kept up-to-date and relevant for its users. March 2013 will mark the tenth birthday of the Pageant website in its present format. Lots of things have changed in those ten years: We have almost universal broadband, so page download times are not a significant issue. Modern pages have a much more exciting look. More people are using smartphones, and tablets to access the internet. So do we need to rebuild our website to keep up?

So far I am not convinced that we need a rebuild. Significant changes mean lots of work for me, so unless there is a very good reason, the website will probably continue to just evolve slowly, with no changes to its basic structure. I could be wrong, so we need your feedback to tell about your experience of using our website.

  • Navigation - Can you find your way around easily, and get to the page you need? Do you follow the links from our home page?

  • Favourite pages - Are there any pages which you look at regularly?

  • Searching - Have you ever used our site search facility? Did you find what you were looking for?

  • Archives - Do you think it's important to keep old pages as an archive of Pageant's past activities?

  • Mobile access - Have you tried to access our site using a smartphone or tablet computer?  We know that at present less than 2% of page requests are from mobile devices, so it doesn't seem worth the effort to make significant changes to the site to make it more friendly for these few users. Or perhaps mobile users are put off by the unfriendliness and don't bother to come back. Please let us know what you think.

  • Windows 8 - Most new PCs and many mobile devices are now shipped with Windows 8 installed. So far Windows 8 has not appeared in our user stats, but it will slowly become more commonly used. If you are one of the pioneers with Windows 8, how does the Pageant website behave under it?
    (If are yet to move to Windows 8, you might find this review interesting.)

  • Anything else? Please tell us anything else you'd like to say about our website.

I deliberately haven't built a multi-choice questionnaire, so you can comment on anything you like in any format you like. Please use this feedback form, where you can use a pseudonym and withhold your email address, so you can be as uncomplimentary as you like!


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