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Sponsor Frances & Rachel to live on 1 a day for a week


Frances Boswell and friends are off to The Gambia in April to visit schools, sponsored children and their families. The Pageant team will be visiting three nursery schools for some fun lessons in art, English and sports. They did very much the same last year with "creative Art and Science lessons", but really just FUN, FUN, FUN. You can see how much the kids enjoyed themselves in the photos below. Frances also kept us up to date by daily reports on our News Blog, and we collected these posts onto this page for your convenience.

Planned activities include sponge printing, painting and collage work all based around the well-known children's book 'Rumble in the Jungle', a Sports Day featuring a sack race, egg and spoon race and skipping, and some mask making and acting! The Gambian children rarely work with resources at school, so Pageant endeavour to take fun and re-usable resources to each school so the children can get as much use out of them as possible.


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We would LOVE your help to buy the following:

Paint, palettes, sponges, paint brushes, scissors, paper, tissue paper, feathers, glue, hoops, balls, bean bags, sacks, as well as much more.

To raise money Frances and Rachel will be living on less than 1 a day for the working week. This will have to buy all of their food and drink, and they won't be accepting any edible freebies.

They did it! - update 29 March 2012

Frances and Rachel actually survived for a whole working week for just 1 a day for all their food and drink.  Rachel lived off value pasta with 17p curry sauce (complete with lumps!!!) and Frances survived on cheap bread with (furry) value jam!! They also ate baked beans, jacket potatoes, carrots, chopped tomatoes and eggs as special treats. They definitely missed coffee and fresh fruit and were rather hungry - especially at bedtime. They raised over 500 although the figure is still rising so actually it's more like 600 now - and that doesn't include GiftAid. They would like to thank everyone who sponsored them. They have bought all the art and sports supplies for their trip, and are taking the remainder of the money with them to spend on other materials and worthwhile causes while they are there. They leave for The Gambia in a few days, and Frances promises to keep us up to date on the Pageant News Blog. We are also collecting all her posts in one place on this web page.


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