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Tim & Laurence Dobie's London Triathlon

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The London Triathlon took place on Sunday 23 September at the Excel arena in East London, with a 1.5km swim in the docks, 40km cycle ride and a 10km run. Brothers Tim & Laurence Dobie will be undertaking this grueling event, trying to raise 700 for Pageant. If you would like to help, please click the 'Donate' button at the bottom of this page.

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 Map of the course

Laurence & Tim Dobie in an exotic location

Tim says: "We decided to do the triathlon together (against each other) last year after Laurence (younger brother - now 26 years old) did it in 2011. It's probably going to end up being a fairly bitter sibling rivalry, he did it in 2 hours 32 minutes last year, which is quick, I'm trying to beat that (29 years old), and he no doubt will try to beat me! We're basically a rubbish version of the Brownlee Brothers..."

<< Laurence & Tim in an exotic location

Laurence comments: "Last years Triathlon was great fun once I had the swim out of the way. Being booted in the head in a cold, murky and seemingly endless dock is pretty grim. So I am looking forward to the second two thirds of this year's race in a couple of weeks. Having Tim there to endure the pain with will be great. Although we probably won't see much of each other as soon as the race starts because you can't really see anything once in the dock."

Laurence adds: "I have always wanted to raise some money for Pageant ever since Pippa started it. Hopefully this will be the first opportunity of many. I already have ideas for my next challenge. In the meantime though I will be cramming in some much needed training, swimming in my local unheated lido in Brixton gives me a good taste for it."

Some serious training >>
unfortunately not part of a triathlon 

Some serious training unfortunately not part of a triathlon
They did it! - Update by Pippa 23 September top of page >>

Dobie brothers triathlon Tim and Laurence Dobie completed their triathlon 'duo' today in great style despite the truly awful conditions.

indoor transition area

cycling stage

Pageant banner on its first outing

Tim during the run

Laurence during the run

Tim & Laurence crossing the finishing line
(time shown is actual clock time not race time!)

 As anticipated, Tim was ahead at the end of the swim, but Laurence caught up with him towards the end of the second of the 2 cycle laps.  Laurence maintained his lead during the 4 running laps, but the two brothers finished within ten minutes of each other:
Laurence in 2 hours 43 minutes - Tim in 2 hours 52 minutes.

An absolutely sterling performance by both, which was much appreciated by their group of supporters, who managed to be at most of the correct places at the right times! Two new Pageant banners had their debut and made it easy for our tri-athletes to spot their supporters along the route - they even managed a wave or two during the cycling and a couple of high fives during the running.... All in all, it was a great afternoon and Virgin are to be congratulated for their organisation, which triumphed over the weather. I have added some photos to try to give a flavour of the whole thing, but really one had to be there to appreciate Tim's and Laurence's achievement.  

Laurence & Tim with their medals

The donation page has now closed, but we are pleased to say that they exceeded their target of 700, having raised over 900. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored Tim and Laurence, and helped Pageant with our work in The Gambia.


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