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The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge 2008

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The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge started in 2003 (December 2002 actually), when it was called the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge. Despite this, the destination was always Banjul, but in 2007 an additional destination was added - Bamako, capital of Mali. The 2008 Challenge is taking place over the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, with Graoups 1 to 5 heading for Bamako and/or Timbuktu in Mali, and Groups 6 to 9 heading for Banjul. As before, the Challenge involves driving cars across Europe and North Africa on a very limited budget, with absolutely no official support. Winning is not important - just getting there is the challenge. After finishing, the cars are all auctioned off and the proceeds donated to local charities. In The Gambia the charities are ASSET (Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism) and GNOC (The Gambia National Olympic Committee). In addition the teams raise sponsorship for a variety of charities and good causes, and there are three teams in the 2008 Challenge who have decided to help Pageant.

Transplant Titans were in Group 9, leaving for Banjul on 11 January, in a Toyota 4Runner.  Hany Riad and Titus Augustine are transplant surgeons at Manchester Royal Infirmary, and as well as helping the Kings Kid Academy for Pageant, they raised funds for transplant research projects.  Ginger & Turk, also in Group 9, will be drove a Range Rover from Yorkshire to Banjul and Mellow-Yellow, in Group 8, drove a Mercedes 280CE from Dublin. Both teams offered to transport items to The Gambia for Pageant, and also raise some money for us.

The 4Ts Adventure is a spin-off from previous challenges. Team Shap Ahoy completed the 2006 Challenge, raising over 4500 for Pageant. The following year, they took part in a preliminary expedition, known as the T4 Challenge, to reconnoitre the route to Bamako. They sold their car in Timbuktu and made a donation of 250 to Pageant. Now, in the 4Ts Adventure, Tim Lovatt (ex Shap Ahoy) and three friends drove two Toyota Landcruisers to Timbuktu.  At the end, both cars were sold and 500 raised donated to Pageant, together with 70 raised by the sale of a Malian drum.

Team Further news and information Auction*
Transplant Titans Pageant Page   4,018.34
Ginger & Turk   Own Website 1,116.88
Mellow Yellow     485.60
4Ts Adventure Pageant Page    
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* All cars in the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge are auctioned in Banjul, and the proceeds given to local charities.


Trouble in Mauritania The Lisbon-Dakar Rally was cancelled due to the shooting of four French tourists in Mauritania. This news page gave details of how it might have affected teams taking part in the Plymouth-Bamako and Plymouth-Banjul Challenges - but thankfully there were no problems.


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