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Gavin's New Forest Half Marathon

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Gavin tries on his Pageant T shirt

Gavin Sandison ran the New Forest Half Marathon on 23rd September 2012. His target was to raise 400 for Pageant. It's not too late to add to his total, so please help Gavin and Pageant with an online donation, by clicking the 'Donate' button at the bottom of this page.

Gavin started running in July to resume exercise after coming down with type-1 diabetes in 2010. He used to run cross country at school and now enjoys the freedom, spontaneity and intimacy with the countryside around his home in Surrey. This will be his longest ever run, his previous maximum being 10 miles. However he is confident that he can stretch that to the full 13.1 miles over the next two months, and hopefully a full marathon within the next year.

The New Forest Half Marathon aims to raise money for local charities. Each year they raise around 50,000 for good causes. It is a road race following a hilly route through the New Forest National Park beginning and ending at New Milton, Hampshire.  See further details on their excellent website.

Gavin tries on his Pageant T shirt

Gavin says "I am running for PAGEANT as they are a small charity doing very big things for education and welfare of Gambian communities. Most importantly they are trustworthy and highly principled, ensuring that 100% of donations reach those in need. As all are volunteers I am hoping to some day give them a hand and perhaps try my hand at teaching!"

Update 27 September

Gavin successfully completed his half marathon run in a very fast time. He has exceeded his target to raise 400 for Pageant - the total currently stands at an amazing 785 including GiftAid! Gavin comments:

"I am very proud to have nearly broken 90 mins!!  I hadn't thought that goal was particularly realistic and neither did many of my compatriots but I made a fantastic time of 91:33mins putting me in 86th place out of 1597.  By my calculations, faster than 94.6%! The weather was inclement to put it lightly.  Those PAGEANT T-shirts are quite absorbent! ;-)  I certainly didn't need to worry about overheating, which was a Godsend, actually. Many thanks to you and PAGEANT for having a big part in my inspiration to complete the half marathon in a fast time.  I probably would have aimed for a respectable 120mins otherwise.  Now I feel confident that I have started something."


2012 New Forest Half Marathon shortly after the start

2012 New Forest Half Marathon in a very wet New Milton

the 2012 New Forest Half Marathon in a very wet New Milton

Gavin was supported on the day by stalwart Pageant member Mo Dawkins. She came out and braved the cold and the wet to say a very friendly hello, and took these photos:

There are also some videos of the event, which you can view by following this link to YouTube. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can watch cold, wet runners stream past the camera from the warmth and comfort of your own computer. Somewhere you might spot Gavin with race number 3490

Gavin after completing the half marathon >>

Gavin after completing the 2012 New Forest Half Marathon

Gavin raised a total of 785 (including GiftAid), and both Gavin and Pageant would like to thank everyone who made a donation.

Spending the Money

Pageant had an ongoing appeal to provide a new solar powered pump system for the Sheik Hatab Memorial Nursery School (SHM Nursery) in Gunjur. [see details] This appeal didn't reach its target, so Gavin  requested that we supplied the shortfall from his half-marathon sponsorship, and we were able to send all the money needed for the new pump. This left 395 in Gavin's sponsorship fund, and Gavin has suggested that this could be used to kick start a new appeal to fund the re-boring of a well for the water supply at Bakalarr school. We have now set up an appeal for 2050 to re-bore this well and install a water storage tank. You can see details on this page.


Pageant is a UK Charity - Registered No 1093963

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