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Microscopy Competition 2005

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Pippa, Ian and Linda Murgatroyd visited the Science Club at Sinchu Baliya School [MAP showing Sinchu Baliya school] in February 2005, to present prizes for the latest microscopical drawing competition. (see details of previous competition). Sinchu Baliya has one of the most thriving Science Clubs of any of the schools that Pageant visit and it is always a joy to see their work and enthusiasm, for which much credit must go to their teacher, Omar Janneh. Pippa presented certificates and prizes (illustrated Science and Maths Dictionaries) to the winners in Grades 4, 5 and 6 and Linda presented a wonderful array of posters and a selection of experiments in kit form to the whole Science Department. Linda explained that her gifts were presented on behalf of a colleague who had been sponsored to give up smoking, and had used the proceeds of the sponsorship to buy the things she had brought. This provoked a lively discussion on the merits of giving up (or never starting) smoking, with several members of the staff wishing to have their say. Several of the children entertained us with songs and a poem and Sanna Conteh, one of the boys, gave Pippa an excellent drawing he had done, of her presenting a child with a certificate on an earlier occasion.

Linda displays a poster about water resources

Linda with posters

children of Sicnhu Baliya providing a musical entertainment

Children's entertainment - above

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Pippa presents a prize and certficate to a microscopial drawing competion winner

presentation of prizes and certificates

Sanna signing his picture entered in the microscopial drawing competion

Sanna signing his picture

children of Sicnhu Baliya providing a musical entertainment

We have said to Mr Cham that, by the time we next visit Sinchu Baliya in October 2005, we expect the Science Department to have a fully completed Resource Centre. The container that has just been packed contains some excellent furniture and materials for it and Omar Janneh and the Science Club will, we are sure, make the most of it. see progress on the Resource Centre >>


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