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Three Peaks Challenge 2004

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On the Friday 25th to Saturday 26th June 2004, Pageant member Chris Hyde and a group of his friends completed the Three Peaks Challenge. Sponsorship money raised will be going to Pageant.

Chris and his party pose on the cairn at the top of Ben Nevis

Chris and his party at the top of Scafel Pike

Chris (far right) on Scafel Pike


Chris (2nd right) and his party on Ben Nevis

For those of you who don't know, the Challenge involves getting up and down the three highest peaks in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafel Pike), and Wales (Snowdon), with an aim to do all of this within a 24 hour period. They started at 6pm on Friday night at the foot of Ben Nevis. At 6:35 on Saturday they arrived back down at the bottom of Snowdon, quite exhausted, having not slept for 37 hours and having walked 25 miles, of which half was a steep incline.

Unfortunately the total time was a little over the 24 hours planned, due to the trip from Scafel to Snowdon taking 2 hours longer than expected, leaving only 2 hours 45 minutes to get up and down Snowdon in high winds and dense fog! That said, a lot of people class the Three Peaks as finishing at the top of Snowdon, which they did in 22 Hours and 50 minutes! The total walking time for the Three Peaks was a little over 10 hours.

Chris posing by the trignometry point at the top of Snowdon

Chris on Snowdon

Find out how the money raised was used for Sinchu Baliya Resource Centre and Siffoe School Classrooms

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