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Revised Sponsorship Costs - 3 June 2008

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For the seven years since Pageant started, we left the amount of sponsorship that we recommend unaltered. During this time, as school fees rose, particularly in the Upper Basic and Senior Secondary Schools sections, the rate of exchange of the Dalasi to the Pound also rose. However, secondary school fees continue to rise and the exchange rate is now falling. Increasing fuel prices in The Gambia are also resulting in increased costs for our students. In view of this, we have reviewed the recommended sponsorship amounts as shown below, and we will keep these under review.

school grade UK equivalent annual amount
    Dalasis GBP
Nursery 3200 90
1-6 Primary 3200 90
7-9 to GCSE 4800 130
10-11 leading to A-level 6800 180
12 final A-level year 7200 190
Further Education Varies - please ask

We must stress, however, that these rates are only a recommendation - if you are an existing sponsor, or wish to become one, and cannot afford to pay the increased amount, please do not let this stop you giving what you can. Any amount will help, and can make the difference between a child completing his/her education and having to drop out completely.



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