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Sponsor a Gambian child's education
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Pageant's Sponsorship Scheme provides for the essential educational expenses of school children and young people in further education. The recommended amount of sponsorship is shown in the table below.

school grade UK equivalent No. annual amount
1-6 Primary
7-9 to GCSE
10-11 leading to A-level
12 final A-level year
  Further Education Varies - please ask
Total No. for sponsorship    enquiry form

This page is regularly updated, and lists children and young people requesting sponsorship on

The pictures below are arranged in five sections according to school grade. There are several ways you can request further information:

Our list is compiled from the recommendations of Pageant's agents and Gambian head-teachers. If you are a student in The Gambia, please do not use this form to try and get on our sponsorship list. It doesn't work like that!

Nursery children

Children in grades 1-6

Students in grades 7-9

Students in grades 10-12

Students in Further Education

If you would like further information about any of the children or young people listed above, then please make sure you have checked (ticked) the appropriate boxes below the photos, before filling in the details below. How we safeguard your information.

Please do not use this enquiry form if you are a student in The Gambia trying to get on our sponsorship list.

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When we send you further details about the children you have selected, we will also send you a link to show you how to send your sponsorship money to us without paying heavy transfer charges.

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When you click the Send button, you should see a message confirming that your enquiry has been sent, and you will then be returned to our Sponsorship Scheme Page. All information you send us on this form is covered by our privacy policy. How we safeguard your information.

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