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Urgent appeal - help Pageant replace stolen goats

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Pageant News 8 March 2011 - with updates

During her recent visit to The Gambia, Pippa Howard called at a very poor Gambian house to collect letters from the children to their sponsors. She was very disturbed to find that ALL the goats belonging to the family had been stolen. This was really terrible for them, as they were the only things of value that they possessed. Apparently the thieves had taken 3 goats one night and then the remaining 4 a few nights later. No-one saw or heard anything, so it is extremely unlikely that they will ever get any of the goats back. It is really appalling, and mercifully quite unusual, for anyone to steal from people who have so little in the first place.

The family didn't ask for anything, but Pippa has decided to try and make a make a quick collection of money for them during the next few weeks, so that they can replace at least some of the goats. Pippa will be returning in April so this appeal is urgent. The cost of an adult goat is about 2,000-2,200 dalasis (44-48). Initially we set ourselves the target of replacing 4 or 5 of the goats at a cost of 240.

Update 13 March

In just 5 days we have nearly reached this original target. So we are now going to try and replace all 7 goats, and also provide an enclosure where the goats will be more secure at night. Our new target is 450.

Update 22 March

The success of the goat appeal is almost overwhelming. Our current total is 749.50. Ann and Brian Keating will be taking 150 out to The Gambia this Friday, so that a shelter can be built ready for the goats. Pippa, Tina and Frances will be going out on 11 April, and they will be able to buy some goats straight away, after checking that the shelter is OK. We don't really know how much a goat shelter will cost, but there will certainly be enough money left over to replace all seven goats, and possibly add one or two extra. There might even be enough to buy further goats to give to another poor family.

Update 10 April - Appeal closed

Our total reached 808.14, and we have now closed the appeal. Our grateful thanks to all who have contributed, especially staff at ERA Technology, and members of St John's Church, Broadbridge Heath. Pippa is leaving for The Gambia on Monday 11 April, and we will keep you up to date with more news about the goats.

Update May 2011 - Pageant buys the new goats

We have now bought seven new goats to replace those stolen, and organised a secure shelter for them. Money left over has been used to provide four goats to each of two poor families, together with ecure shelters. (Read more about this story)

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