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Plymouth Banjul Challenge 2011

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Pageant News 27 July 2011

along the beach on the way out of the desert

The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge is on again this year, with three start dates 16 & 26 December 2011 and 6 January 2012. For those who haven't heard of this challenge, it consists of driving a vehicle from the UK all the way to The Gambia. At the end, the vehicle is auctioned and the money raised given to local good causes. The challenge was cancelled in 2009 due to security problems in Mauritania, but the 2010 Challenge took place without incident. If you like driving, and have a taste for adventure, why not give it a go?
further details on the
Banjul Challenge website.

In past Challenges, a number of teams have raised lots of money from sponsorship, and donated this to various Pageant projects. In return we covered their exploits on our website. All these pages are still in our archives, so please have a look. Maybe the pictures will inspire you to take part!


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