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Micrscopy & Physics Workshops planned for 2012

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Pageant has run a number of workshops for science teachers in the Gambia. There were Microscopy Workshops in 2010, where science teachers were given hands-on experience using a variety of microscopes, especially suited for use in schools without mains electricity and two Practical Physics Workshops which enabled science teachers to take away the skills and teaching kits to add a practical aspect to science lessons in schools with no practical science facilities.

A Practical Physics Workshop

A Microscopy Workshop

The 2010 Microscopy Workshops were mainly funded by an award of £3,000 from the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) Vice Presidentís Fund in 2009. We are delighted to report that once again we have been given a further donation by the RMS, this time of £3,185, as a winner of the Vice Presidentsí Award 2011. This will be used to fund Microscopy Workshops for trainee science teachers in The Gambia during February 2012. At the same time, we will be running our third Practical Physics Workshops.

See more news about our plans for both these workshops.


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