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Pageant News 12 December 2011
Motic donates 50 microscopes for Microscopy Workshops

Motic is a Chinese hi-tech industrial enterprise, established in 1988, specialising in compound microscopes for use in classrooms, laboratories and hospitals. Though its manufacturing base is in China, it has worldwide coverage, with its European operations based in Spain and Germany. Motic has chosen to support Pageant's Microscopy Workshops in The Gambia in 2012, by supplying us with 50 of their MS-2 microscopes free of charge.

The MS-2 is a mono student microscope with a large working distance, perfect for viewing macro specimens such as plants insects and minerals. It is lightweight and compact, easy to use and has a simple solid construction to ensure a long working life.  The high quality optics include a 10x/18mm widefield eyepiece, and a 2x objective with 80mm working distance. It is an ideal microscope for Pageant's Microscopy Workshops, and for use as a teaching aid in Gambian schools with limited facilities.


MS-2 microscope


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