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Comrades Marathon (South Africa)

The Comrades Marathon takes place in South Africa every year in May. It is the biggest sporting event on the South African calendar, attracting fields of between 10,000 and 15,000 runners to a tough, steeply undulating route between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, over a distance of approximately 90km (56 miles). It started in 1921, with 34 determined runners commemorating their comrades who fell during the Great War. Each year the direction of the run reverses. See further details on the Comrades Website.

Nigel Walsh has completed the course a number of times, raising funds for good causes such as Amnesty International, Dreams Come True and Comrades of Children Overseas (COCO).

Nigel Walsh runs a previous Comrades Marathon

2008 Comrades Marathon

In 2008 Nigel ran from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, raising 915 in sponsorship. This was a part of the fundraising efforts for the Toilets and Textbooks project, initiated by pupils at Oakham School in the UK, and the Copenhagen International School in Denmark. In all, the project raised nearly 5000 for the benefit of the Kings Kid Academy, a nursery school in The Gambia, with Pageant coordinating the delivery of the funding to the school.

Nigel finished the 2008 race in 11 hours, 16 minutes and 14 seconds. There is a summary of his race progress in the table below.

Nigel Walsh's results for the 2008 Comrades Marathon
Place Distance km Time Position Speed min/km
Cowies Hill 16.7 01:57:54 6624 7.06
Drummond 42.6 05:07:55 6478 7.23
Cato Ridge 57.1 07:10:42 6416 7.54
Camperdown 63.8 08:12:56 6558 7.73
Polly Shortts 79.1 10:18:53 6562 7.82
Finish 86.8 11:16:14 6322 7.79

2009 Comrades Marathon

In 2009, Nigel ran the race for the tenth time, and raised 726, again for Kings Kid Academy. This time Nigel's contribution helped Pageant to pay off a loan of 1000, which had enabled the school to finish the classroom block. (See details) Nigel started from Pietermaritzburg City Hall and finished at the Sahara Stadium, Kingsmead in Durban, in a time of 11 hours 35 minutes and 42seconds. The winner Stephen Muzhingi finished in a time of 05:23:27. Nigel's times at various stage points are shown below.

Nigel Walsh's results for the 2009 Comrades Marathon
Place Distance km Time Position Speed min/km
Camperdown 26.77 03:09:25 8782 7.08
Drummond 44.97 05:17:58 8069 7.07
Winston Park 58.27 07:12:14 8475 7.42
Cowies Hill 70.97 09:04:49 8987 7.68
Mayville 82.17 10:39:40 8763 7.78
Finish 89.17 11:35:42 8459 7.80

2010 - The Next Challenge

Nigel plans to help Pageant once again with a sponsored run, but is looking for a challenge somewhere closer to the UK. We will let you know as soon as we have more information.


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