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Money raised by Transplant Titans will be divided between a nursery school in The Gambia, Kings Kid Academy, which is one of Pageant's projects, and the Transplant Unit Endowment Research Fund, which facilitates transplant research projects at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Hany and Titus would like to thank all of their sponsors as listed below.

Corporate Sponsors (Click the logo for their website)

Living Room Logo
room, food and use of their staff for the charity night

Synergy Logo
Mr Gareth Evans

The car (Toyota 4Runner)

Genzyme Logo
Genzyme UK
Wyeth Logo
Wyeth UK
Liberty Hardware Logo Stockport Rotary Club
Hyde Rotary Club  

Individual Sponsors - Donations of money

Ms Deborah Kinch Dr Irene Szeki Mr Henry Meyer
Mr John Dunleavy Mr A & Mrs I Luckett Mr Donald Docker
Mr Brian Donaldson Mr Joe Kirkham Ms Judith Keenan

Mrs Shelley Harris

Dr Alastair Hutchison

Mrs Marie-Claire West

Mr and Mrs Stafford Lorraine Knott Range Roofing Ltd
Wendy, Cutting Room Hairdressers, Cheadle Julie Taylor
Mrs Shelley Harris Mrs Marie-Claire West Dr Alastair Hutchison
Dr Narayan Baliga Dr Shuba Rodrigues Dr Brian Aquino
Mr Reuben Dutton Dr Richard Baker Mrs Lyndsay Noble
Dr. D. Temperley Dr. J Corkan Dr. S Ramachandran
Dr. T Houghton Dr. S. Desai Dr. S Watson
Dr. A. Ismail Dr. P. Wheeler Dr. R. Lazarus
Drs. T & S Varkey    

Sponsors of Charity Night
Sights, Sounds and Tastes of the Plymouth to Banjul Rally - 28th November 2007 at 8:00 pm

Mr and Mrs Parararajasingam Linda Birtles Wendy Moore
Clare Hamer Sue Kost Dawn Milne
Janet Gill Dr & Mrs Short Denise Roberts
Mrs J Fishwick  Irene Szeki Mr & Mrs Harrison
Mr & Mrs George Dr & Mrs Philobbos Dr R MacNab
Glyn Sheristan Dr & Mrs Ghali Nina Williams
Mr & Mrs Krishnamenon Dr & Mrs Padmakumar Mr & Mrs Gregory
Mr & Mrs Verghese Mr A Chacko Dr & Mrs Mathew

Mr & Mrs Wadsworth

Dr M W Seif

Ann Owen

Mr G Thorpe

Mrs J Green

Mr & Mrs Mehra

Mr & Mrs Parrott  Mr. N. Ahmed Mr. B A Campbell
Mr & Mrs Tavakoli Dr & Mrs Picton Dr and Mrs. Gill
Dr and Mrs. Farjo Dr and Mrs. Shurrab Mr. and Mrs. S-Inglott
Mr N Allaf Mr D DeFreitas Fiona Biggins
Mr & Mrs Nicholson Mr M Venning Suzie Ghattas
Dr Buck Professor P Price Ann Palmer
Mr B Yates Mr & Mrs Williams Jo Woodley
Mr & Mrs Doud Mr & Mrs Kalra Geraldine and Alan Pinto
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