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Pageant General Brochure

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Downloading & Printing the Brochure

If you need a short brochure to describe Pageant's activities, please download and print out our General Brochure, which is in PDF format. The file is 3.2MB, so it could take a while to download with a slow connection. Also the top and bottom margins may be too narrow for some older printers, so do a test print first. Modern printers, particularly those designed for photo printing should have no problems printing this brochure.

How to fold

Lay the sheet this way up
and fold up the left hand third ...

brochure before folding

... so that the list of gifts is visible
Then fold up the left side again ...
brochure after folding up left third

... to show the cover
brochure after final fold

Pageant is a UK Charity - Registered No 1093963