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Find out more about The Gambia, its education system, and about the charities which work there. We provide these links as a service to our users, and not as part of a link exchange to promote higher search engine ranking. Inclusion of a link does not imply any recommendation by Pageant, and we take no responsibility for the contents of any website we link to.

The links were updated and checked on 13 March 2019. Please let us know if any link fails to work, or if you would like to suggest new links.
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Educational, other charities and aid agencies in The Gambia & the rest of Africa

Our aim is to find and link to as many charities and aid organisations as possible, so providing an overall picture of who is providing help in The Gambia. Inclusion of a link on this page does not mean that Pageant recommends or approves of that organisation. For registered UK charities, we recommend that you make further checks with the Charity Commission or the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. To help you do this, simply click the link [UK Charity] just after the charity name.

Some of these charities may be 'in competition' with Pageant, but the important thing is to get as much help as possible to the people of The Gambia by whatever means. However, we would like to stress that Pageant covers ALL of its overheads from members' annual subscriptions, and that all our volunteers pay their own expenses. This means that 100% of any donation to us goes to help children and communities in The Gambia. Pageant thus represents excellent value for your money when deciding which charity you should support. So if you wish to help us, you can donate to Pageant from this page.

Helping women in Gambia and the rest of Africa

Computers and other equipment for developing countries

UK schools linked to and helping schools in The Gambia

Latest News from The Gambia

General information about The Gambia

Maps of The Gambia

Travel and tourism

These links are provided for information to Pageant supporters visiting The Gambia, and do not imply any recommendation by Pageant.

Companies which have helped Pageant and other useful links

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