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This sitemap lists all pages on the site in a structured manner. There are two types of page: Responsive pages are designed to be viewable on all devices from mobile phones to desktop computers. In this sitemap, responsive pages are indicated by a solid square bullet. Older pages, which are indicated by an open circle bullet, may not display well on small screen devices. Our aim is to convert all our main and most used pages to responsive format, though older 'archive' pages will stay in their old format.

If you can't find what you are looking for on this sitemap, then click on 'Search' in the main menu, and try typing some keywords into the Search Box.

General Home page, summary of Pageant's activities.
Information Information about The Gambia, Pageant, membership, sponsorship, ethical gifts, UK & Gambian schools and this website.
Pageant projects A summary of what Pageant is doing in The Gambia.
Fundraising Fundraising events such as marathons and stories about teams supporting Pageant in all sorts of challenges.
General Projects How Pageant operates & get things to The Gambia, micro-loans, the fight against malaria and much more.
North Bank Projects Projects in the North Bank area, including Bakalarr.
Banjul Projects Projects in Banjul and the surrounding area.
Other areas Projects in the South and up-country.
Workshops Science, microscopy and other workshops for Gambian teachers.
News News items are continuously added to the top of our News Page, and are later moved into the News Archive Pages. There are subsidiary news pages giving more detailed information..
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2012 2013 2014 2015-16 2017-19 2020 News Blog
Video Clips There are a number of video clips associated with various projects or news pages. This section gives direct access to all clips.
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