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Mr Gitteh's visit - fifth report

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Visits to Singleton & Globe Theatre

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3 August 2005 - visit to Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum is at Singleton, near Chichester in Sussex. Further information see their website. Our visit proved to be a source of great interest to Bakary. He particularly enjoyed visiting the mill, even though it was not grinding flour during our visit (undergoing some maintenance) and seeing many of the 'hands-on' exhibits that were being enthusiastically put through their paces by the many children who were there on that day. The mechanical wood turning and the blacksmith's shop caught his eye, particularly when we told him that the latter had been brought to Singleton from Southwater! Variations on some of the other things, like the pit-saw and the charcoal burner's kiln and hut are still used in The Gambia at the present time.

Bakary Gitteh in the flour mill at Singleton

grindstone in the flour mill at Singleton

Bakary in the mill

The grindstone of the mill

turning wood on a pole lathe at Singleton

the blacksmith's shop at Singleton

craftsman using a pole lathe

blacksmith's shop

saw pit at Singleton

Bakary and Ian look at a charcoal burner's hut at Singleton

charcoal burner's hut


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On our way home Bakary discovered another English traditional delight - a cream tea! Definitely to be repeated, he decided, so we have had to add scones and clotted cream to our weekend shopping...

8 August 2005 - visit to the Globe Theatre London

The trip to the Globe Theatre in London (see their website), was the result of Bakary telling us about studying Shakespeare at school in The Gambia. He had studied Macbeth as his set book, but we could not find a production of that play anywhere locally, nor in London. So we settled for The Globe, and went to see Pericles, Prince of Tyre, (further information) which had been recommended to us as a good show. We were not disappointed and Bakary was really thrilled by his Shakespearean evening - the production was wonderfully alive and was a great visual experience. It was a stroke of good fortune that one of the lead performances of the show, Gower the narrator, was played by a charismatic West African, Patrice Naiambana. Photos are still in Bakary's camera, but we hope to publish them in due course.
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