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Mr Gitteh's visit - final report

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Visit to London and Shopping

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During Bakary's last week we did some extended shopping trips to buy presents for friends and family back home. An extra case had to be purchased to hold all the gifts, and Bakary had to leave some of his own things behind with us, as otherwise his luggage would have been severely over the permitted weight for his flight home.

His last weekend was spent seeing a bit more of London - he first travelled by train to visit a Gambian friend in South East London, from whom Linda Murgatroyd collected him and took him to stay with her in Stoke Newington for a couple of days. She took him to see many of the London 'sights', including a boat trip up the Thames and an extensive tour on an open-topped double decker bus. We collected Bakary from her house on the Tuesday evening and had a delightful supper with her - many thanks for all your kindness, Linda.

The following evening, after a day of yet more shopping, we entertained Paul Clifford from the Plymouth-Banjul 'Super Trooper' team to supper (see the Super Trooper page). Paul was pleased to meet Bakary, to discuss possible projects and how they might meet up at the end of the rally in Banjul.

That brought us to the last day of his visit - as usual, the last couple of weeks had just flown by and several things we had hoped to do had not been fitted in. Never mind - next time, maybe....

We have had several emails from Bakary since his return - he is in touch with a couple of the schools he visited in UK and the prospect of linking with one of them looks extremely good. His new baby daughter has now been named - Nyima - and all the members of his family are well. He has started the course on Information Technology that he was hoping to attend and the luggage we sent out that he could not take on the plane has arrived safely. We are starting a new class & staff-room block project at Bakalarr, in conjunction with the 'Super Trooper' rally team, and Bakary tells me this is now under way - we hope to see some progress during our next visit.
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