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General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the UK Data Protection Act 1998. As a small charity, Pageant did not need to comply with the 1998 act, but we must now comply with these new regulations. GDPR governs how we obtain personal information, how we store it and how we use it. Though it mainly deals with information in digital format, GDPR also covers certain types of paper document.

Our Privacy Policy ensures that we are up to date with data protection laws and that everything we do with your personal information is clear and transparent. It describes how we do things currently, and will be updated as appropriate if any of our methods change. Our Privacy Policy covers the personal information of anyone we have dealings with, whatever their nationality or place of residence.

About Pageant

Pageant is a small UK-registered charity (Charity No. 1093963) and is managed by a number of trustees. Our running expenses are provided from annual subscriptions paid by our members, so that all donations can be applied to our charitable work, helping with education in The Gambia. We run a sponsorship scheme so that Gambian students can continue with their education, when they could not otherwise afford school fees and expenses. Pageant also helps with construction projects, and provision of furniture and equipment for schools, and is involved with education and self-sufficiency projects in village communities. Pageant employs a number of Gambian nationals as agents, full or part time, who oversee our projects there and provide liaison with schools and communities.

Your information & how we obtain it

We obtain personal information in several ways, both directly and indirectly:


  Website Forms & Pages Requesting Your Input

  Paper Documents

  Paper Forms

  Sponsorship Records

  Online Donations

  Banking Information

  Website Usage Information

How we store your information

  Paper Documents

  Digital Information

  Length of Storage

How we use your information

Your Rights

You have the following rights with which we will comply:

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Pageant will review this Privacy Policy regularly, and it may be updated at any time, for example if there are changes in the law and how Pageant operates. If there are any significant changes in the way we process your personal information, we will publish a prominent news item on our website or send a notification by email.

Further Information

Pageant is a UK Charity - Registered No 1093963