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The video clips listed below are available in two formats, and in both low and medium definition versions for dial-up and broadband Internet access. All of these clips open in a new window, and require JavaScript to be enabled.

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Bakalarr nursery class, soon after it opened in February 2004


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Children of Bakalarr nursery with donated toys in October 2004 0m55s du bb du bb
Life nursery school near Serrekunda, October 2004 1m47s du bb du bb
Making mud blocks, February 2005


1m06s du bb du bb
Bakalarr Cultural Dancing Group, February 2005 0m26s du bb du bb
Children of JTT Nursery School play with a Shape Sorter, Feb 2007 0m26s du bb du bb

Notes - Playing these video clips is dependant on your operating system, browser and media player, and how these are set up. The clips may not play, even if your system is as described in one of the above options. If you are using dial-up, and this version has poor resolution, try loading the broadband version, which will take about 10 times as long to download. Some clips also have an associated page of stills from the video.

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