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List of Ethical Gifts

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You can give our Ethical Gifts for any significant event, such as a birthday or anniversary, or just because you feel like doing it. You can also use our scheme for Wedding Gifts, giving the bridesmaids, best man, parents, ushers etc a Pageant Ethical Gift Tokens instead of the usual cufflinks, jewellery or wallet. Select your gifts from the list below, and when you send us your order form, just tell us the bride and groom's names and any other message you would like on your customised tokens.

Unlike some other schemes, we actually purchase the gift you choose and ensure it goes to the intended recipient - no substitutions! Where possible, all our gifts will be purchased in The Gambia, thus avoiding transportation costs, helping the local economy, and providing very good value for money. Our gift prices may be rounded, but are very close to the actual price we have to pay, either in The Gambia or the UK. In some other schemes your donation may only buy part of a gift! Click here for more information on how our Ethical Gift Scheme works.

How to choose your ethical gifts

Choosing and ordering your ethical gifts is spread across three pages. On this page you can see all the gifts we have on offer - each with a brief description. Clicking the "more info" link shows more about that gift. When you have finished your selection, click a "Review your selection" link where you will find a link taking you to the page where you can choose one or more gift cards. On the third page you can enter your name and address and other information so that we can send you our cards and tokens. Our order form can be sent either by post or via the internet - details later.

Pageant sun logo This gift will be purchased in The Gambia.
Pageant sun logo + UK Gifts which can only be sourced in the UK.
Pageant sun logo + Star Gift Pageant has found that these particular gifts are always especially welcomed by their recipients in The Gambia.
For all our gifts your friend or relative gets a
wedding bells Wedding Gifts
A way of saying thank-you to bridesmaids, best man, ushers etc.

Click any of the "Review your selection" buttons or links to see a list of the gifts you have selected. If you are happy with this selection, then click "Select Gift Cards" to go to the next page and select one or more gifts cards for you to send.

If you would like more more information before selecting your gift please

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