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You can give our Ethical Gifts for any significant event, such as a birthday or anniversary, or just because you feel like doing it. One possible use is for Wedding Gifts. It is now the custom to give the bridesmaids, best man, parents, ushers etc a 'thank you' gift at weddings. Rather than the usual cufflinks, jewellery or wallet, why not give Pageant Ethical Gift Tokens? At a recent wedding, two Pageant members did just this. Just select your gifts from the List of Gifts and when you send us your order form, tell us the bride and groom's names and any other message you would like on your customised tokens.

How It Works

When you purchase a Pageant Ethical Gift, you will be helping schools, children, villagers and environmental projects in The Gambia. You won't actually receive a banana plant or a sack of rice. Unlike other ethical gift schemes, we actually purchase the gift you choose and ensure it goes to the intended recipient in The Gambia. We don't make substitutions, and we don't charge any handling fee. We also purchase the gift in The Gambia where this is possible, so avoiding transportation costs and helping the local economy.

Your friend or relative gets

What is more they are not faced with the daunting task of trying to take an unwanted item back to the shops!

You get

Next Steps

Just Send a Gift

Perhaps you just want to send one of our gifts to children or families in The Gambia, and don't need our Gift Tokens for friends or family. If so, you can still use our gift ordering process but let us know in the "Comment" section of the order form.

Pageant is a UK Charity - Registered No 1093963